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North Stonington, Connecticut, United States
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Dating, Friendship 
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I seem to be coming to the end of one life and looking to start another. I have been a rare breed farmer, but family health is ending that. So after a decade without time off I am going to buy a catamaran and cruise the Bahamas for a bit and then maybe head to the south Pacific. Circumnavigating could be a lot of fun! I would like to make friends, but falling in love, and making a family would be so wonderful! It is something I have almost given up on, but who knows!! I have been through the wringer with women, and it has not jaded me, it has made me careful and so much more hopeful that I will find an amazing life partner! I do have scars, real and emotional, but I am learning to work with those faults and heal a few along the way, but nothing will stop me whistling while I work or laughing and cracking jokes. Life is too short to dwell on bad. I have very deep smile and laugh lines. I choose to be happy!
I am an interesting mix of personalities. I am assertive, but I don't need to be in charge. I am an Alpha but not aggressive. I have spent most of my professional life teaching people how to make choices and apply good judgement to their worlds. Thus, I have gotten very good at letting others learn to lead. Make no mistake, I can and will take charge if things are getting wild. I have a very cool head under pressure. I have seen the insides of bodies, my own and others, and I have always been calm and collected. I am a go to person as a rock. I will figure anything out. Comes with being a farmer.
I am looking for a real woman. Sure every guy wants perfection, but as I am so far from that it would be arrogant to make that demand. I had a logging accident that ate all the cartilage and flexibility out if my left ankle, skiing gave me whiplash, a boar tried to kill me and cut every adductor muscle in my groin. Everything healed, everything works, I am just no longer graceful or able to leap like I once did. But I can still outrun a bull to the road, I can still get onto roofs and down into trenches. Boats are cake compared to farming! That all said it left me with a not as perfect body... So here is what I have settled on after the bumps and potholes of life's highway. Are you ready for this? I am dreaming of a woman who is healthy in mind, body, and soul. That's IT!
What is a healthy mind? It is sharp, unclouded by substance abuse or massive psychological instability. Healthy isn't perfect, it just means what issues you have, you work on and you control them not the other way around. Centered and grounded. Words of substance are never shouted, they are whispered. Please don't yell if there isn't an emergency. Oh, and please be Smart!
What is a healthy body? Strong, good appetite, able to have kids (I have dreamed of a family since I was 17!), Able to move freely as in not obese or so scrawny you get weak and bruised, a bright smile and sparkling eyes!
And lastly healthy soul... this is hard to define. I am not a religious person, but I have no qualms about someone else's. To me this means, calm, compassionate, generous, glass half full, helping even when there isn't a benefit to you. Altruism within reason! we cannot save all the kittens and puppies, we cannot feed everyone, but we can help someone. Always stay humble and kind.
Oh, you must like dogs. I have two. Not yet sure how this whole sailing with dogs will work out, but I will not give them away just because I wont have my home and farm soon. That isn't their fault, it is Cancers' fault. They are my kids.
Teach me to dance and I will float you across the floor such that everyone is watching you!

Sailing Experience:

I have sailed all my life. I used to spend a few months a summer on a 60 foot monohull. I have sailed from the Chesapeake to Nova Scotia. I have cruised the Bahamas from Antigua to the Keys. I sailed across the Atlantic about 23 years ago and would have fun again. I never took any of those silly classes but insurance wants that so... looks like I will be back to the basics to wrack up those ASA courses!

Sailing Qualifications:

30 years of racing, cruising, and one transatlantic.

Nautical Miles Logged:
15,000? 20k?
Home and family
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Single / never married 
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Farmer, jack of all trades, and soon?
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Flirt, Better in small groups 
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5'8" - 5'11" (171 - 180cm) 
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