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Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States
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Full time cruiser in Florida, headed for the Keys, Bahamas, and eventually Virgin Islands next year. I currently work as a software development manager and systems engineer, live and cruise on my Ta Chiao ketch.

Sailing Experience:

Started out dinghy racing around 8, moved up to keelboats in my teens, and I've been around the water ever since. Moved aboard full time in 2016 and never looked back. Well, I went back once and it was a BAD idea. Spent Summers in the North Atlantic on both keelboats and an antique Sunfish, the rest of the year was in Florida, both coasts.

Sailing Qualifications:

Legal qualifications? None. I was a sailing instructor twenty years ago in school if that matters. I will be doing the six pack license this year with towing and sailing endorsement before I retire from my current job, just in case job opportunities present themselves along the way.

Nautical Miles Logged:
I'd estimate around 6k?
Sr Systems Engineer
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