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OMG, is this the longest profile on lovesail? I copied it intact from my profile on a dating site so it is aimed more toward finding a romantic partner than a cruising mate. However, on lovesail more often than not I find myself talking boats with a number of sailors. I am interested in friendship as well as dating, and open to crewing, working on boats, or just socializing too.

Critical thinking: The other national deficit

A society should be judged by how it treats its weakest members.

I'm down to earth, but a long way from being in the earth.

Decency is doing what is right, despite what you are told. Religion is doing what you are told, even when its not right.

Single man, unencumbered, emotionally, financially secure, physically fit, well-traveled, well-read. Love boats, the sea, and all things nautical. My outlook on life is upbeat, confident, optimistic, but pragmatic. Very active, frequently offbeat sense of humor. Always up for a new adventure and believe in "Pressing the envelope" of life. Dedicated to the idea that when you stop learning, you start dying. How else to explain going back to college for a PhD at age fifty?

I enjoy music, especially jazz, romantic ballads, Sinatra, and listen to Pandora constantly. Buffett moves me because I love the waterborne lifestyle he sings about.

Favorite things - intelligent conversation, watching sunsets from a boat, making a landfall after an overnight sail, good vino, a well-written book that informs and encourages reflection, ethnic food, being productive.

I enjoy travel and spent three years in Europe while I was an Army officer. Have been traveling ever since and now take 3-4 trips a year. In 2012 I spent a lot of time in the Keys and Bahamas. I ran a boat to Key Largo in November 2011 and over the holidays went across the Stream for a week. In March 2012 we went to Bimini, Nassau, Atlantis, and spent a week cruising the upper Exumas. Do you know about the swimming pigs and Thunderball Grotto? 2013 was much slower - just a trip to Chicago and a week in Bryson City. I was preoccupied with moving to Port Charlotte in 2014 but did get to Costa Rica and Hawaii several times. Kauai and more Costa Rica in 2015, 2016, and 2017. Nicaragua in April 2018, Bahamas in May, and Puerto Rico in Nov. In 2019 to Virginia, the Keys, and Lajas, PR. I avoid cruises, package tours, and resorts. Instead, I find a good hotel, rent a car or boat, and explore independently.

I have no children of my own but its fine if you do. I have a stepdaughter who is a big part of my life. I find kids to be delightful company - especially taking them fishing or boating. I have a real soft spot for kids and cats. My favorite charity is the Animal Welfare League and our local food bank.

Born and raised in Norfolk, VA, but have a Caribbean soul and was born to live in the tropics. Attributes like honor, fairness, honesty, and charity are an indelible facet of my character. Must be a flaw in my upbringing. Ex-Army officer and have no patience with so-called patriots who were too selfish or cowardly to serve in their youth but now salivate over Faux News and boast about their love of country. It is easy to wave the flag when you don't have to carry the gun or wear the boots. I joined the Army to protect, not to harm, and I cannot abide cruelty in any form. I strive to be both a gentleman and a gentle man.

I have a boat repair business, teach graduate courses part time for the Navy, and write occasionally. I enjoy mechanical and engineering tasks and work with my hands because I want to, not because I have to. My work with the Navy requires extensive reading, research, and critical thinking. Critical thinking "outside the box" is what we teach.

A lot of people at this time of life are retired or planning to retire soon. I am having such a good time working with boats that I have no plans to retire, even though I can at any time. How would I know the difference anyway? Many men work their whole adult life just so they can retire and enjoy my lifestyle. That said, I embrace change and if you give me a reason to do so you will find me very responsive. Unlike many business owners I own the business, it does not own me. If I decide to take off for six months and sail the Caribbean or do an archaeological dig I don't have to check with anyone - I just do it. If I meet someone who wants to travel, has another lifestyle, or wants me to relocate I have no problem closing the business. My only requirement is to always be physically and intellectually active and to live south of 28 degrees north latitude.

Searching for - intelligent, attractive, independent, emotionally and physically healthy woman to be an equal partner in a fulfilling relationship. Looking for a permanent partner in the adventure of life. Must be emotionally available and not mourning an ex. You need not love travel just so long as you don't try to keep me from doing it. You need not be a boater either, but I hope you like being around the water. I have left out any age limits because people are too diverse to be placed in a chronological box. If you feel it is important to take a bite out of life every day, maybe we should talk. And of very great importance, I value and appreciate an independent, free thinking woman with goals and direction in life. If she wants to explore in a boat or RV that would be great too.

I am fit, have a healthy libido and believe physical and emotionally intimacy is a goal worth striving for. Activities like holding hands, back rubs, laughing together, kissing and snuggling make life worthwhile and should be engaged in often. I believe that trust and fidelity are essential elements of true emotional intimacy and using physical intimacy as a vehicle, a man and woman can go to a higher plane together. You will find me confident enough to discuss feelings freely, strong enough to be vulnerable, and wise enough to be humble.

My politics are moderate and centrist, and I eschew extremism from either end of the spectrum. However, the dysfunctional and regressive state of US society compels me to add this paragraph. In an era of Fox News and extremist radio and TV shows I occasionally feel like one of the last rational, courteous men on earth. I dislike unproductive arguments and drama and generally pass on talking politics or religion. However, political choices say a LOT about our principles, core values and who and what we are so please, no tea party lunatics, rethuglicans, or right wing bigots of any form. Some folks say "Make America Great Again." I think America has always been great. Let's make it honorable, decent, and civil again. If you voted for Putin's despicable, dishonorable, demented, draft-dodging boy toy we are absolutely not a match

Sailing Experience:

200-ton licensed USCG captain since 1985. Self-employed ABYC certified marine electrician and corrosion technician. Former yacht broker, charter fleet manager. Sailed as far north as Long Island, as far south as Panama. I do not race sailboats. It defeats the entire philosophy behind relaxing and exploring the tropics. Experienced on everything from a 8' dink to a 120' motoryacht.

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Former ASA instructor. Have done a number of deliveries over the years. Did lots of Bahamas and Keys charters from 1985-2002.

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Marine electrician
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5'8" - 5'11" (171 - 180cm) 
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I'm an ABYC certified marine electrician and recently got a 1986 Catalina 30 from a customer here in Port Charlotte. Did not really want a small monohull sailboat but she was tired of paying insurance and dockage for a boat she never used and I figure at $1,000 how can you go wrong? Well,…

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This is a cautionary tale I want to send along to fellow voyagers and boat buyers. Last month a broker friend put together a deal on an Island Packet here in SW Florida. Boat looked very nice to the casual observer and the buyers took it to survey. The buyers were extremely fortunate to have a very…

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A survey is often valuable and usually necessary for financing and insurance, but far too many accredited surveyors are worthless. Even worse, most depend on referrals from brokers and many are in bed with the brokers. Never use a local surveyor and never use one recommended by the broker or seller.…

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Ahoy there, Covid has slowed down our social lives and really restricted cruising. As a substitute, I am looking for fellow boats nuts for boating activities or just have a drink and bs about boats, the water, Bahamas, etc.

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Passing Through SW Florida?
Jul 20, 2021

Many world cruisers pass through our area or come here for refits and/or long term storage. So far I have encountered three people on lovesail who have their boats here for the long term or for refit. If you are going to be in the area look me up. I am in the boat business and would be happy to give…

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I think it might be! Grin

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Experienced captain seeks female first mate (or co-captain)
Jul 1, 2021

Well, it is time to take the leap. Currently self-employed as an ABYC marine electrician and working part time but can quit any time at all. I am actively looking for a sailing catamaran to cruise Florida, the Keys, and Bahamas for about three months out of the year. I am up for exploring coastal so…

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Experienced captain/mate for tropical waters
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Been in the boat business 40 years. 200-ton captain, former yacht broker and charter fleet manager, currently ABYC certified marine electrician and corrosion tech. I have been rehabbing boats since age 15 and have lots of experience with craft of all types. Looking for warm water adventures on well-…