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My profession is a RF Engineer, and have been engaged in it over 40 years. it has been both fun & a good career. After pushing my business hard for the last 16 years, I'll be retiring in 2022. I have sold 2 of the 4 business so far and will sell my home in 2022. I am financially secure and would like you to be also to some level. I hold two passports and an willing to USE them! With all the coronavirus affecting the world travel I'm not really sure where the first step will be, however I'll move into my house in Cancun to start with lose some weight and see if things get better. Another direction I have been heavily looking at is buying a Sailboat again, as I would like to do a 10 to 15 year adventure around the world, with a lot of time spent in the Indio-Pacfic. I need to get out of this 'rat race' and get my head out of business mode and into adventure mode. I am looking for a 45'~60' catamaran to go Cruising around the world and need a quality partner and maybe another couple that can share the boat. When I was in my lower 20s I had a 36' Hinckley Yawl rig sailboat and I played in the Caribbean for a few years, now 30 years later I want a large catamaran that is a world traveler, comfortable and to be able to go see anywhere in the world WE want....I just want the WE, you know, the TEAM thing! In order to cruse for a decade or so I have to have a solid partner that is dependable and present as well as ready for adventure everyday which will include everything from pleasure to danger and everything in-between. Are you her?

With all my being so together and a good planner have a successful business and many other good personal strengths and abilities, there is something that has escaped me for the last few years. I am overweight at this time due to giving my customers 10 to 15 hours a day for the last 16 years and not focusing on myself. If I could ask you to be my buddy with this one aspect of my life I would eternally grateful for it. I AM truly ready for a change and am putting real effort into its loss and I am making progress. The change of location will help greatly as well and not working some many hours. I would like a partner to take long walks, hikes, swimming and diving with me, working out, eating healthy. I’m sure you too have strengths and weaknesses too. I can and will help you on the things you want help with. It all comes back to being a true partner and being open and accepting and them, and willing to be there for each other under all circumstances. In my opinion no one person can do it all by themselves, but a team with a variety of skills working together can get most anything done they wish as a team!

Whew! I really don't what else to say (I think maybe I said too much) other than I would like the opportunity to speak with you and learn more about you. First let’s do some talking on the phone first as I am not a huge texting guy. Then we can meet somewhere for a walk or a hike and more good conversation and see where that goes.

Sailing Experience:

When I was in my 20s I had a 36' Hinckley Yawl rig sailboat and I Island hopped in the Caribbean for a few years. Back in the 80s lets just say navigation was different. You needed to understand and be able to use a sextant as the LORAN-C was not always available and Omega Sat was not very accrete as well as it was hit and miss coverage. The good part is the Caribbean is a small 'bathtub' compared to the Pacific. However the Caribbean is easy to navigate in as you are never really very far from someplace or some island. I Had lots of fun and made many mistakes/learned a lot and have a ton of fun along the way!

Sailing Qualifications:

Long ago I have my 100 Ton USCG License. However I feel that to be not relevant due to it lapsing 1991. Or at least that is my opinion, that is why I am studying for my Captains license again. Want to go to school with me? We BOTH need to be in good mental condition for this adventure and need to be Co-Captains and both need to have good knowledge and sailing skills as we will have to rely on each other. I have no issues with sharing jobs, responsibilities and positions, as no one person can do it all, all the time. A team effort will always get us to the next port of call and to the next adventure!

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RF Engineer
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Single / never married 
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Yes - flown the nest 
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Side kick, Flirt, Better in small groups 
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A Little Plump 
6'0" - 6'3" (181 - 190cm) 
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