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London, Ontario, Canada
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Dating, Friendship, Crew 
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I've made the move back to my home and native land after successful completion of partial Great Loop minus the Erie Canal (thanks NY Gov. & covid!) ...._/)*
I'm a traditional gentleman, kind and compassionate, a good listener, a lover of engaging conversation and story-telling with a great sense of humour. I am well educated, well spoken, polite and giving of my time and energy. I believe in the Golden Rule.
Now I am looking for a travel companion and Co-Captain. Are you up for travel adventures? When travel is allowed again, how about photo safari in Africa, Outback camping and trekking in Australia, European canalboat self-drive tour and then find some new places never visited. My desk drawer has old passports, filled up with stamps and visas from working in and exploring other countries like Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bonaire, Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mozambique, Netherlands, Romania, South Africa, Turkey, USA and of course Canada to name a few. Where do you dream of exploring in the future? Please tell me about your dream vacation or holiday getaway bucket list?

Besides the sailing passion, I enjoy photography, star-gazing with my telescope, nature walking and hiking. Ever consider a kayak camping adventure? You should know that I come up with crazy travel ideas and then put them into action such as solo kayaking nearly the whole way around the Florida Everglades National Park over 2 weeks and 100+ km of solo paddling amongst the gators, manatees and crocs! Now, I want to do it again, only this time with Windrider 16s to sail most of the way instead of paddling ;) WR16s have better cargo carrying capacity than my prior outrigger kayak so we can bring more creature comforts, better food and safety gear!! I do love quieter stuff too like reading, relaxing and sharing stories around the bon fire.

I am looking for a special lady to spend quality conversation time with romantic walks on the beach, chatting over coffee, campfires, star-gazing, story-telling, sunset celebrating, nature walking, sharing travel exploring new places, supporting and learning from each other. If you wish to be treated like a lady let's start with friendship and mutual love of sailing. I will be roaming on the Great Lakes this Spring for sure and will definitely need help.
PS: Please don't worry too much about distance; my stomping grounds and sailing ...._/).... waters are the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes for both work and play, with these being my main counties along the way: Pinellas, Erie, Wayne, Norfolk, Peel and lastly Dufferin County where my small farm and escape haven is located.
If you made it this far into my profile and like to chat, please message me.

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UK, Ireland, Canada, USA Gulf Coast / Atlantic, Caribbean, South Africa, Mozambique and I absolutely love the Florida Keys. Mostly solo cruising, some passage making, and many day trips over the years, mixed in with plenty of cool sailing and paddling adventures.

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Somewhat shy, Better in small groups 
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6'0" - 6'3" (181 - 190cm) 
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