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New Albany, Indiana, United States
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Hello there! Fun, spontaneous, adventurous, honest, romantic. Those are some words that have been used to describe me. If these are some of the things that you are looking forward in a partner, as they are what I'm looking for, then I may be the man you're looking for. While I have no experience sailing as of yet, since I was a young man I've felt a connection with the water, and a calling of the sea. Even though I've been landlocked practically my whole life. when I was a young man I dreamed of living on coastal US. (Maine, Washington, Oregon) and working on a fishing or crabbing vessel. While that may never have come to fruition, I still hear a calling of the sea. I want to learn to sail, either by private lesson, as a member of a crew, or as a partner of someone else who enjoys sailing, and then set sail for destinations to be determined, and adventures to be determined.

Sailing Experience:

I currently have no sailing experience, though I have been on several cabin cruisers during my limited water experiences. I've never been to sea, but it's an adventure I'm looking forward to. I'm planning on taking sailing lessons, and maybe even purchasing my own sailboat for adventures to be determined!

Sailing Qualifications:

I currently have no sailing experience, though I'd like to change that. Would you like to teach me the ropes? I'm always willing and eager to learn.

I'm currently a Senior System Engineer for a credit union.
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