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I have been sailing all my life, career and other worldly distractions have taken me away from my passion way too many times. My late wife and I planned to sail around the world although she became ill with cancer and we only were able to complete a half of the voyage. That was 10 years ago and since then I have been planning on completing the voyage single handed, but I would much rather do it with a capable and suitable partner that would share in my love of life and adventure. I really am looking more for a best friend than anything, a co-captain to share the final voyage.

Sailing Experience:

CYA, RYA and ICC offshore sailing instructor for the past 30 years although only taught seriously for the last couple of years and then again when I had my yacht charter company in the Caribbean 1989 - 1998, where I had 120 sailboats and a very active sailing school. Sailed each year across the Atlantic delivering boats, crewed and captained on every occasion that I had.
I have sailed extensively the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and across the Atlantic a number of times, once single handed.
I recently retired as a corporate CEO and have long awaited the opportunity of completing my around the world voyage, originally my bucket list dream was to complete the around the world single handed race, but unfortunately age has caught up with me and now I would rather complete the Pacific ocean cruising and exploring with a capable Co-Captain to share in the pleasure that this type of adventure would bring.

Sailing Qualifications:

CYA (Sail Canada) Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Instructor certified.
RYA, Yachtmaster Offshore, ICC instructor power and sail.
IYT, International bareboat instructor, Power and Sail.
Power Squadron, certified advanced navigation instructor.

Nautical Miles Logged:
38000 logged with crew, 8500 single handed. 18000 teaching.
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Senior Financial Analyst, EX- president of an international oil and gas company.
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