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Carshalton, Surrey, United Kingdom
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Usually at my happiest when on, in or near the sea. Did a lot of Norfolk Broads holidays (river boats) as a kid which made me always want a boat of my own when older, dreamed of a big power boat but growing up quickly realised they cost the earth to go anywhere. Was lucky and came into just enough money to buy a decent sized sailboat and quickly did a few courses and spent 5-6 months crossing the med and bringing it back to the UK.

Not necessarily just looking for dating/relationship, friendship and crewing opportunities most welcome.

Usually quite happy spending a few days chilling on a boat, no matter what the weather, or doing a BBQ/bonfire on a secluded beach.

Sailing Experience:

Once I knew I was going to buy a boat, I quickly did comp crew one week and went back the next for day skipper and VHF. With around 150nm sailed with a fully crewed boat with instructor, threw myself into the deep end and most solo'd my way across the med back to the UK including a November Biscay crossing which was actually one of my best passages to date.

Now spend most my time pottering around south coast with boat based on a mooring in Poole harbour.

Very much a keen DIY'er, very practical and so far very little I haven't been able to fix or maintain on a boat. Slowly making my boat as self sufficient as I can for long term adventures.

Sailing Qualifications:

RYA Comp Crew
RYA Day Skipper Tidal

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