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From New England but have wound up here in Ocala as it was between relatives . Now it's just me. I enjoy my kayak as of late, have paddled many rivers here in central Fl. Always long to live on the b Cruiseach but comfort here holds me back and friends as well. Looking for a guy my age or close to tell me his sea stories. I grew up in my uncle's small boat yard full of wooden boats, junk and skiffs so the sea is still in me and will never let it go.

Sailing Experience:

As I would like to say I've sailed the 7 seas but that would be a sea story ! My love is sailing but only so far have crewed on power boats. Of course there were the day sails and dreams but got connected with power and just kept going. A sail to Ireland from the East Coast of the U.S. is on my bucket list but it would have to be on a comfy large yacht with lots of nav. equipment. I am spoiled but willing to pitch in like everyone else when needed.

Sailing Qualifications:

Little sailing qualifications, sailed off shore from St. Simons Isl for 2 days/nights. Crewed on a 30 ft. trimaran from St Simons Island to Annapolis and many day sails on a friends 26 ft gaff rigged Wianno Senior. All this was in a younger life but would be willing to do it again today, still sounds like fun.
I started crewing on a small Cruise Boat, power from New England down thru NY and up to Canadian Waters, saw statue of Liberty 14 times, I was a stu. then cruise director then down to Palm Beach where I said good bye to the Bahamian bound cruiser. Thru a yacht broker snagged a job on a 110 ft private yacht as a stu/deckhand. We hardly left Bahia Mar. Then onto another private yacht but was a love of a job, we powered the ditch to Newport, back to fl then to Chub Cay Bahamas where I met my husband who was from Maine. Lived on Chub and worked on charter boat for my husband for 8 years then back to the states. I'd go Marlin fishing anytime again, so exciting.

Nautical Miles Logged:
Including daily charters off of island and power boats I must say hundreds of hours.
library assistant in 2 college libraries, photo lab work, boating, Fl State Park employee past 12 years now retired but vol. at state park . I do river patrol
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