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Dartford, Kent, United Kingdom
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Down to earth IT sales professional with a passion for sailing, fun and good food; better if fished on the day. Good skier and good swimmer, I did some parachute jump out of curiosity. I am fluent in French, Italian and Spanish with a reasonable Dutch that tends to improve after a couple of beers. I am average to good at cooking as I never buy processed food and cook most of what I eat from scratch, including bread. I don't own a television since 1998, but I do like a good movie once in a while.

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I own a 31 Foot Rival Class Fin Keel based in the Thames Estuary but I am not comfortable soloing her right now, I am looking forward to find experienced hands able to show me some ropes around sailing in a geography I am not familiar with. I am quite experienced in terms of motorboats, my family owned a Beneteau Antares and I fished extensively in the Mediterranean back in the days.
The lockdown has triggered in me an urge for the freedom of the open spaces. I pulled the trigger on a fully ocean ready cruiser known for its seaworthiness and an over-engineered keel. She is as manageable as a dingy and as sturdy as a tank.
If you feel tempted feel free to get in touch for a chat.

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Nothing Formal as of yet but planning to

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IT Sales Consultant
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