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Fresno, California, United States
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The ocean, in all its beauty and fury, is my serenity. But I am trapped in this desert valley, that has an insurmountable gravitational hold on me, that refuses to relinquish it's grasp. While the valley has been good to me, I long for the bliss of the oceans deep blue. So sail away with me while I try to shake this clutch and disappearover the horizon.

I'm a single dad, and my son is my world. I'm very blunt, upfront, and always 100% honest to a fualt. I love dark beers, barrel aged beers, sour beers, mead, and a good whiskey or spiced rum straight. When I get free time you'll find me watching some soccer with friends, fishing, sailing, hiking, camping, going to a local brewery, a local show (typically punk rock like the Ramones), or fixing something (I can repair anything, it's kinda my super power).


Sailing Experience:

I've been sailing for about 6-7 years now. Started with asa classes then did some chartering and bought a Catalina 22, which I did mostly lake sailing but also took to Catalina Island. Then recently bought an Antigua Yatchs built Csy 44 "Hiatus". I mostly single hand. I had dreams of cutting ties and just traveling for a few years on Hiatus. But life has thrown me a curve ball and that plan is on hold.

Sailing Qualfications:

Asa 101, 102, 103, 104

Nautical Miles Logged:
I'm horrible at keeping logs >.<
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Flat Rate Motorcycle Mechanic
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