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Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico
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Dating, Friendship, Crew 
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Hi, I’m Dennis. Thanks for taking the time to check me out. To save you time, I will only be considering liberal minded, socially responsible, fully vaccinated and physically and mentally fit crew.

I wish there was an opportunity to view my profile before you saw that “number”. Unfortunately we only have one opportunity to make a first impression and I appreciate that number may be a disincentive to look further. But please don’t discount this opportunity because of that. It’s not all about finding romance, it’s about fun and adventure. It’s about expanding friendships, some great sailing, hiking, snorkeling, beautiful landscapes, different cultures with amazing food and an opportunity to learn and expand on your sailing skills. I am a very good teacher with tons of patience and experience. And, who knows?

I am looking for compatible female crew because I haven’t been able to find a way to do this alone and enjoy it. I’m looking for a minimum of a 3 week commitment to start with. If, if, we were to click and wanted to extend or thought there was the possibility of a relationship that would be amazingly wonderful. We could then explore all the future possibilities. The best romantic relationships mostly follow from friendship.
To be clear, my goal is to find a longterm partner, lover, soulmate.
I am a recently single guy who has been cruising the west coast of Mexico and Central America for 6 years.

I have a chronological age of 73 but age is a state of mind and I refuse to get old. I spent many years as an extreme athlete which provided benefits when combined with some good genetics has helped keep me fit and young at heart and appearance. (All my posted images are current or dated for honesty) I have no health issues of concern and take no prescription medications.

I am well educated, was a professional pilot for most of my adult life flying all over the world. This provided me the time and money to be able to pursue several other entrepreneurial activities as well.

I take pride in my appearance. I am clean neat and tidy. I shave every day, wear my hair short and dress well (off the boat).

I am liberal and socially minded, always considerate of others, respectful, responsible, kind, generous and exceptionally honest. I am extremely wealthy in that I am content with what I have. Financially I’m sufficiently secure so am in no need of a purse or a nurse. I have a pretty good sense of humour albeit somewhat twisted and am very even tempered. I rarely raise my voice. Never in anger.

Please note and understand: I believe in science not creation.

I’ve had 2 crew from this site so far and I’m sure they will provide good references.

Sailing Experience:

I have been sailing since I was 12. Raced for many years then discovered cruising. I have lived aboard sailboats for 30 years or so.

Ultegra has been my home for 25 years. It’s my pride and joy and is kept in “Bristol” condition. Almost everything is in good working order. If everything worked it wouldn’t be a working sailboat.
Fortunately, I have the skills, spare parts and knowledge to fix almost anything that goes wrong.
Ultegra is a former very competitive race boat that has been rebuilt and converted into a very comfortable live aboard cruiser with all the essentials and some luxuries. We have refrigeration with freezer. We make our own water so always have enough for showers with hot water. There is an inverter to make 120 volt power but not enough for a hair dryer. We do NOT have a microwave oven. The propane stove has 2 burners and a great oven. I have a pretty nice sound system which accepts memory sticks or CD’s. I also have Spotify downloaded music. There is a 36” TV to watch movies if you have them on a stick.

There are 2 cabins, 1 head and a walk in closet. My quarters are in the forward cabin. The aft cabin is the guest/crew quarters. There is plenty of hanging and storage available. All bedding and towels are supplied. We normally shower in the cockpit with me providing privacy as necessary.
Ultegra was built like a tank and designed for ocean foul weather racing. I have never once felt it couldn’t handle the worst of the ocean conditions we have been in.
A recent former crew advised me to emphasize the boat is immaculately clean and kept that way. Everything has it’s home and must be put back in it’s home when done. Apparently, not common but both appreciated it greatly.

The Plans:
Cruise either the mainland Pacific coast of Mexico somewhere between Mazatlan and Zihuatenejo or the Gulfo de California. Very different experiences. I’m more interested in making sure you have a great experience so am open to either or bits of both.

When cruising we will be anchoring and we will be remote much of the time. We will only go into a marina if absolutely necessary. Which is why you need to be able to climb on and off the boat into and out of the dinghy unassisted.

Cell service and wifi. There will be periods where we will have no cell service. Sometimes for up to a week or more. I have a great phone plan which you can hotspot off of. We will share the data costs which are incredibly cheap.

We fish for tuna or Mahi Mahi whenever we move and we buy fresh fish from the fishermen.

We will have the opportunity to do lots of hiking, walking and snorkeling.

Sailing Qualifications:

Basic Canadian boat operator license and some Power Squadron certificates.

My qualifications are 60 years of experience and thousands of miles without mishap.

About you:

You too are socially and liberal minded and come with a good sense of humour and tolerance. You are fit, slim and currently active. You have no physical impairments or chronic health issues. You must be able to climb on and off the boat into and out of the dinghy unassisted with both moving. You are mentally healthy and smart. No depression requiring medication. You have a happy and fun disposition, enjoy good two way conversation, have an open and inquisitive mind and are reasonably well informed and interested in the ways of the world.

Your posted images must include “current” (within 6 months) images.

If we find ourselves interested in what we read, we will do a video meetup in the very early stages. That will give both of us a very good opportunity to see if we are a match and willing to proceed further.

What’s Expected of crew:
To come and have fun, have an adventure. If you have experience we can learn off each other. If not but want to learn and make the effort, you could leave here confident you could single hand this boat.

You will be expected to do your share of the grunt work which we share. We keep the boat clean, neat and tidy. I can cook but don’t have much of a repertoire. I can and prefer to do the clean up so if you like to cook it’s a great mix however there are a few things I like to cook. If I cook, I still clean up. The diet is basic and healthy.

You will be expected to pay for your transportation to and from, your food and alcohol. We will share cell data costs. If we go to a restaurant it’s dutch treat. All of which are very inexpensive. I pay for all the maintenance costs and cover the fuel although won’t turn down contributions to fuel. How much fuel we burn depends on how much wind there is and how much of a hurry we are in.

Nautical Miles Logged:
No idea. Thousands
Retired pilot. Flew for Air France but mostly for very wealthy families
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Home body, Better in small groups, Comic relief 
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5'8" - 5'11" (171 - 180cm) 
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Oct 15, 2021

I'm looking for fully vaccinated, liberal minded and socially responsible compatible female crew to join me cruising on the west coast of Mexico during the 2021-2022 cruising season. Please checkout my profile under Ultegra

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