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San Diego, California, United States
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Dating, Friendship, Crew 
About Me:

Heck, ideally I'd like to find the love of my life, but that's not a requirement. Love, friendship, crew, something in between. I want to get back out on the water.

I am involved in a project through the end of the year. In San Diego that means day sails or maybe weekends only, or evenings as long as we've got daylight.

After that? Who knows. Certainly blue water and significant time will again be a possibility. Warm water appeals to me much more than cold, but you could tempt me with a mixture. I'd also love to explore the canals in Europe, and/or the Bahamas... or... well, you get it.

Sailing Experience:

In '89 I was in the south pacific on various sail boats for 5 months. Stories to tell. I've done some time on the inland waterway, day and week sailing in San Francisco Bay and up the delta, but not for several years. I miss it.

I'm good crew, usually the only one who can cook on the first day or two.

I've even got a shipwreck story to tell.

Sailing Qualifications:

I moved to Sausalito and the docks there in my early 40s. That led to both commercial fishing and sailing on SF Bay, up the delta, and out side the gate, both north and south. I crewed once back from Hawaii to San Francisco - a fast 28 days believe it or not. I sailed from Orlando south to one of the Keys in Florida, although we did more motoring than I really liked.

The most spectacular was five months in Fiji, Tonga, New Caladonia and Brisbane... flew home from Brisbane.

I'm good crew. I can store a boat, cook on board and underway, and stretch stores when the trip is extended a bit. I love the early morning watch... help the sun up. I can read a chart and handle a radio, and a line (rope type).

What else would you like to know?

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At least 3,000
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writer / life coach / good with tech startups
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