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Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Dating, Friendship, Crew 
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Explorer. Imagine a place so far north the compass just swings someplace between south and southwest. I could almost feel the curvature of the earth. It makes me smile and in four languages speechless in awe of the scale. I sailed, I laughed, I cooked, I photographed and somehow videos were edited. Things broke. I slept sometimes and sometimes slept really well. I've been accused of wearing foul weather gear in the shower and dancing in a dress in the sun at midnight. Yet, it is the small quiet gestures in life and natural curiosity that really make me happy. I'm always looking to learn more and I'm ready for our next adventure. I'm attracted to reliable, intellectually stimulating, adventurous men. If you can figure out a way to fix things that is even better. I would like to hear more about your sail plans and it would be lovely if we could figure something out together. Somewhere warm for the winter...hint, hint, hint! Thank you to everyone for reaching out, for your generosity of spirit and for the opportunities on the water. Really, I mean it!

Sailing Experience:

Great Lakes, Caribbean, Arctic Expeditions. Sailboats 24-60 ft.