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Laguna Niguel, California, United States
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Dating, Friendship, Crew 
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I am a 54 year old single man. Entrepreneur looking to slow down a little. Currently living in Europe. Have four grown children, love science, environment and Latin dancing. Looking to enjoy the ride, smell the roses and watch the sun rise and set everyday. As of next year, I am planning to traveling the world meeting new people and having as many new experiences as possible, enjoying this life! I work on my computer and planning early retirment. Looking to buy catamaran to live on, so I can go and be wherever I please. Adventure and quality of life is a big deal to me these days. If destiny calls I would love to meet a better second half :)

Sailing Experience:

I had some sailing experience - skiper licence. I eventually would like to purchase a catamaran and sail the world.
I’m on this site to meet people with similar hobbies and dreams. I am an open minded free spirit and hope to meet others like me.

Nautical Miles Logged:
Between 600 and 1500 miles
Business owner - agriculture (strawberry)
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