Autumn Sailing

Autumn Sailing Destinations – Our Top Picks

Autumn sailing destinations in Europe and North America

The days are getting shorter and, here in the UK, we’ve said goodbye to our short-lived summer. But don’t fear. There are still plenty of great autumn sailing destinations, so you can squeeze the most out of the sailing year.

The later months of the year welcome milder temperatures, fair winds and a good number of sunny days. In particular, early autumn is a fabulous time to get out on the water, as the holiday crowds and heat start to subside.


Autumn Sailing Destinations: Greece

Lovesail recommends: The Dodecanese, Cyclades and Sporades

The Eastern Mediterranean Sea retains its warmth and winds well into October which as a result, makes Greece one of the most popular autumn sailing locations. Here, you can spend your days weaving in and out of over 6,000 islands and you may even catch sight of dolphins!


Early autumn is generally cooler than the summer months, when chances to explore can be cut short by the heat. If you chose to leave the boat, every cluster of island offers something new. We have three favourites.


  • First are the Dodecanese. These shine as a glorious example of tranquil beaches and Medieval castles. For this reason, the Dodecanese are a must for any history lover.
  • Next, the Cyclades, renowned for white-washed villas with contrasting roofs; bright blue against rocky outcrops.
  • Lastly we had to mention the lush green Sporades. This is a must-visit for any Mama Mia fans!


Autumn Sailing Destinations: Croatia

Lovesail recommends: The Kornati

The rugged coastline of Croatia offers sailors the best of the Adriatic. Stunning scenery, unspoiled bays and crystal blue waters surround over 2000 islands which separate the Italian Peninsula from the Balkans. Early autumn is renowned for being the best time for sailing – the sun is still shining and the sea is still warm, making this a great autumn sailing destination!


A highlight for sailors are the Kornati islands. 152 islets and outcrops create a tightly packed group of beautiful islands – the densest in the Mediterranean sea. You might need more experienced sailors on board for this trip, as navigating between the rocks and islands can be tricky! However, experiencing the rocky landscape and the isolated beaches and inlets is well worth the challenge.


Autumn Sailing Destinations: Pacific Northwest/Canada

Lovesail recommends: The Inside Passage

The Pacific North West offers adventure to those sailors looking for something a little different this autumn. There are many amazing places to sail here, but we think the Inside Passage tops them all.

Seattle and Vancouver sit to the south of the route, offering a array of popular museums, markets and attractions. As you venture North, the terrain becomes more rugged. 600 miles of British Columbia shoreline take you past Ketchikan and Juneau, and finally up to Skagway in Southern Alaska. The whole area is a haven for wildlife and as a result whales, orca, eagles and bears have all been spotted off the boat.


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