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Lovesail Crewing Posts July 2018

lovesail crewing posts july 2018

Lovesail Crewing Posts July 2018 Here are a few of the Lovesail Crewing Posts July 2018.  To contact the member just log into your account and go to the crewing section of the site.  If you are not a member

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SS Varvassi

ss varvassi

SS Varvassi The SS Varvassi was a 3.874 ton Greek merchant steamship that became infamous for running aground off the Needles Lighthouse, Isle of Wight on January 5th 1947. The SS Varvassi was travelling from Algiers to Southampton with a mixed

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Golden Globe Race 2018

golden globe race 2018

The Golden Globe Race 2018 In 5 days time 18 sailors will leave Les Sables-d’Olonne in Western France to circumnavigate the globe.  A journey of 30,000 nautical miles, they must travel alone, non-stop and without any outside assistance, that is

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Sailing Opportunities June 2018

Sailing opportunities June 2018

Sailing Opportunites June 2018 Here are a few of the sailing opportunities for June 2018 that some of the members have posted on the Lovesail site.  Log into your account for more details.  If you are not a member of

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Poole Harbour Boat Show 2018

poole harbour boat show

Poole Harbour Boat Show 2018 This year is the fourth outing for the Poole Harbour Boat Show, a small but cracking little boat show situated, yes you guessed it, in Poole Harbour, Poole, Dorset. The Poole Harbour Boat Show is

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Lovesail on Instagram

lovesail instagram

Lovesail Instagram Did you know that Lovesail is on Instagram (lovesaildating)?  I know, I know, how many more social media accounts do we need to have these days?  If you haven’t ventured onto Instagram yet then do, it really is

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London Boat Show Cancelled

london boat show cancelled

London Boat Show Cancelled As many of you will now be aware, the London Boat Show 2019 has been cancelled.  Whether this is going to be a permanent fixture still remains to be seen but it was not a shock

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Crewing Posts Spring 2018

crewing posts spring 2018

Crewing Posts Spring 2018 – Lovesail Crewing Posts. Crewing Posts Spring 2018.  Here are a few of the crewing opportunities that members have posted on the Lovesail site this Spring.  If you are interested in any of the post then

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The Ship’s Compass

the ship's compass

The Ship’s Compass Navigation is an important aspect when it comes to finding your way in the sea. The Phoenicians first developed the art of sea navigation around 4000 years ago. The Phoenician sailors accomplished sailing on the sea by

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The Health Benefits of Sailing

health benefits of sailing

The Health Benefits of Sailing Whether you are the captain leading a crew in a race, or just spending an afternoon mooching around a lake in a dinghy, with sailing there is little scope to be a passive observer. Sailing

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