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What is Scouse?

scouse recipe

Why it’s the dialect or accent of people from Liverpool I hear you cry! Yes you are correct but it is also a type of beef or lamb stew and is indeed why inhabitants from Liverpool are known as Scousers.

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Nautical Slang in Everyday Use

nautical slang

Nautical slang we use in everyday speech There are hundreds of expressions and words we use in everyday conversations that have nautical origins.  Here are just a few.  For more see our related posts: Nautical Sayings and their origins; Nautical

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Ida Lewis

ida lewis

Ida Lewis – Lighthouse Keeper Ida Lewis was an extraordinary woman who rescued and saved many people in trouble in the seas off Newport, Rhode Island, during the late 19th century and early 20th. Her acts of heroism became folklore

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Winter Crewing Posts 2018

winter crewing posts 2018

Winter Crewing Posts 2018 Here are a few of the winter crewing posts 2018 that have been submitted by the Lovesail members.  To find out more about an individual crewing post just log into your Lovesail account and click on

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The Dinghy

the dinghy

The Dinghy Here is another work of fiction by talented member Gandalpuss.   If you have any stories or articles you would like to write for the Lovesail blog then just email us at  You don’t need to be a

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Greenwich Mean Time – What is it?

greenwich mean time

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) – What is it, and it’s importance to navigation. How did the international standard of time keeping, based on Greenwich Mean Time, come into being? Time is relative, as any student of the famous Einstein equation

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Boat Jumble Dates 2019

boat jumble dates 2019

 Boat Jumble Dates 2019 Here are the Boat Jumble Dates for 2019.  This page is updated regularly.  If you would like your boat jumble added to the list please contact us at and we will include it.  This includes

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Crewing Posts Autumn 2018

crewing posts autumn 2018

Crewing Posts Autumn 2018 Here are just some of the crewing posts that Lovesail members have posted for the Autumn.  If you are interested in the post just log into your Lovesail account and visit the Crewing Groups Section.  If

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Boat Cook Book Giveaway

the boat cook book

The Boat Cook Book Giveaway We have a copy of The Boat Cook Book by Fiona Sims to give away this week.  All you have to do is like our Facebook page (our actual page not a post).   We will

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Greenland Crewing Post

greenland crewing post

Greenland Crewing Post – September 2018 One of the Lovesail members “Sgiud” is a true sailing traveller.  He is looking for crew for a trip to the East Coast of Greenland.  If you are interested in this then log into

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