Whatever Floats Your Boat

whatever floats your boat

One of the most interesting aspects of running Lovesail is learning about the many and varied jobs that the members have.  We have members from so many different walks of life. Many are business owners running small to medium-sized businesses, so it’s always nice to help new sailing-related businesses with a shout-out and, in this case, the members can benefit too. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day traditions around the world

valentine day

Unusual Valentine’s Day traditions around the world

Many countries celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Whilst in the UK we tend to buy cards, flowers and chocolates for our Valentines, other countries have other Valentine’s Day traditions to show their love to their Valentine. Continue reading

Crewing Opportunities – Winter 2020

crewing opportunities winter 2020Crewing Opportunities Winter 2020 – Here are a few of our top picks from the crewing section on Lovesail.  If you are interested in any of the posts then log into your Lovesail account and either go to the crewing section or contact the member directly. Continue reading

The Foundations of the East India Company

Moluccas Islands

The 16th century paved the way for the East India Company, which would become one of the most notorious organizations in history. It was a hotbed of naval exploration. Our oceans belonged to Portugal and Spain, as they blazed trails through unchartered seas. Such was their dominance they agreed to split the world in half with the Treaty of Tordesillas, 1494. Continue reading

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week

carbon monoxide awareness week

CO Awareness Week Monday 23rd to Sunday 29th November 2020

This week sees the start of Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week in the UK.  Here is a reminder of the dangers of carbon monoxide and why you should be aware of it in confined spaces like a boat. Continue reading