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10 Reasons Why Winter Sailing Rocks

Winter Sailing Rocks

Some people will lock up their boats for the winter or haul out for some winter maintenance.  Those that venture out in the winter season can be greatly rewarded.  Here are 10 reasons why winter sailing rocks.

  1. You have the water to yourself.  You have to be pretty hardcore to brave some of the winter climes in the northern hemisphere, many don’t bother so all those normally crowded summer spots will be deserted.
  2. Whilst your daylight hours may be short you will most likely see some magnificent sunrises (without having to get up too early) and beautiful sunsets as you come back in.
  3. If you are looking to start sailing, tuition will be cheaper in the winter, plus you will know if sailing is really for you!
  4. If you are new to sailing then you can practice without feeling you are being scrutinised.  There are fewer stand on/give way situations to contend with so you can concentrate on just improving your handling skills to become more confident.  Nobody will be around to watch you park up so no “helpful” comments to distract you.
  5. There’s no queuing at the fuel dock or toilets.
  6. With frost or even snow likely you will see some wonderful winter scapes.
  7. The cold winter winds are denser than the warmer summer ones, therefore, the denser wind exerts a greater heeling force on the rig.  This most certainly equates to more fun!
  8. Winter can be a good time to practice your night sailing without having to stay up too late.
  9. If you don’t have your own boat then chartering can be much cheaper in the winter months.  Likewise, mooring/marina fees are reduced with more space becoming available.
  10. It’s a great time to take your new sailing soulmate on a romantic trip out.  You can find a secluded cove to anchor, crank up the heater, make some hot chocolate and cosy up down below.  Haven’t found your sailing soulmate yet?  Lovesail can help with that.

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winter sailing


Featured Image Photo (yacht in snow) by Patrik Kovar on Unsplash.

Bottom Image Outrunning the Storm, Corfu Town by


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