Surviving Christmas as a single sailor

Surviving Christmas as a single sailor

Our top tips for single sailors this festive season

Christmas and the festive season can be tough if you’re single. Feelings of isolation and loneliness have grown over the pandemic. Single sailors and liveaboards can find it particularly difficult.

We may have lost touch with friends or broken up with partners; major British law firms have recorded a 122% increase in divorce proceedings. Whilst it may not concern us for the rest of the year, the run to Christmas can be difficult. We are bombarded with images of cosy couples cuddled up in winter coats and loved-up couples in Christmas films. To help ease the winter blues, we’ve come up with a few tips to get through the festive season.


1. Fill Your Time

Grab the festive season by the horns and pack your calendar full of activities; sea-faring and shore-bound. Whilst your friends are stuck with the in-laws, expand your horizons by trying something new. If you’re stuck for ideas why not grab a wetsuit and a Santa hat and go for a festive sea swim. These happen on beaches around the world on Christmas Day and Boxing Day – and hot chocolates are usually included! Sea swims take place on beaches across the world, just get in touch with your local outdoor swimming society.


2. Connect with Family and Friends

The pandemic made us all feel isolated and lonely. We couldn’t see our friends and family for ages. But if you’re single, what better time that now to prioritise those relationships! Pick up the phone and call that friend who you haven’t seen in ages. Or make new friends by ticking friendship on our Lovesail settings – you never know who you might meet!


3. Remember to Treat Yourself Too

We all get busy rushing around after family and friends at Christmas and so it’s easy to forget to look after yourself. Try to treat yourself this Christmas. Our Pinterest has loads of ideas for sailing gifts to buy yourself this festive period.


4. Save yourself for January.

Focus on yourself over the festive period and save the best of yourself for January. Dating site signups are highest for dating sites in the new year, so there will be plenty of new single sailors for you to get to know. Why not try our Lifetime membership – our most popular package allows you to take your time getting to know one another.

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