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Mocha Dick – Inspiration for Moby Dick

Mocha Dick is one of the most famous whales in history. This great bull sperm whale was a true legend of the sea, known for his incredible size, strength, and intelligence. He was both feared and respected by Nantucket whalers, and his exploits inspired many stories and myths over the years. Mocha Dick’s story is one that has captured the imagination of people around the world for centuries and may well have inspired Herman Melville’s antagonist Moby Dick.

Mocha Dick was first encountered in the early 19th century, off the coast of Chile around Mocha Island, hence his unusual name. He was a leviathan, estimated to be over 70 feet long.  He was an albino whale which made him easily distinguishable from other sperm whales.  American explorer and author Jeremiah N. Reynolds published his account, “Mocha Dick: Or The White Whale of the Pacific: A Leaf from a Manuscript Journal” in 1839.  In this account, he describes Mocha Dick to be “as white as wool”.  Although docile by nature if attacked or riled he was ferocious and had the ability to outsmart whalers, often attacking their ships in reprisal and evading capture.

Over the years, Mocha Dick became something of a legend among whalers. With his incredible strength and agility came cunning and intelligence. Many sailors believed that he was possessed by a supernatural spirit, which gave him these incredible powers. Others thought that he was simply a creature of exceptional ability and intelligence and that he had learned how to outsmart his human hunters through years of experience.  It is believed that Mocha Dick had around 100 encounters with whaling ships.  During those encounters, it is said he killed around 30 men and sunk 20 whaleboats.

Mocha Dick was also known for his compassion and his ability to form strong bonds with other whales. He was often seen swimming with pods of other whales, and he would sometimes protect them from whalers and other predators. He was also known to show affection towards humans, and there are stories of him playing with sailors who were stranded at sea.

The date of his demise seems to vary (1838 or 1859) but when the whalers examined his body he had at least 19 rusting harpoons embedded into his blubber.  They also extracted 100 barrels of oil from him, the average for a whale at that time would be around 25-40 barrels.

There were many other sitings and killings of white whales in the years after, but none were quite so legendary as Mocha Dick.

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