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As a Paid Member of Lovesail members can keep blogs on their account.   Here are a few examples of just a few of the Lovesail User Blogs that members have submitted…

How to? advice please

Hi, after a prolonged trip to the UK, I have now returned to my boat in Italy and found some of the ropes have turned a nasty green. Anyone know the best product to clean them? Is bleach too strong? Flash did not work, nor wash-up liquid. Thanks, in hope.

Spanking Good Sail!

Had a brilliant sail yesterday 10 to 20knts s to SW down to Southwold and back to Lowestoft rained heavy for a while but was still a good sail, the prop is fouled going to don wetsuit this morn a give it a scouring.

Sailing Saturday

Hi, anyone up for a day sail out of Gosport (Portsmouth Harbour), Uk.   Just an easy social sail into the Solent, leaving pontoon about 10:00 am returning late afternoon.  Experience not required, just need to enjoy being out on the water. Let me know.

Looking for Crew

Next weekend. have a yacht club cruise at SANTA Cruze Island, would like help. Also, the next weekend would like help with the fundraiser the next Sunday for the Elderly. tnx

Are you Sailing Corrimandals, NZ Early Feb 2015?

Hi Just putting it out there if anyone would be Sailing in the Corrimandals North Island of New Zealand next year early February (attending a wedding 13/2/15 there).  I would be keen to join up for a sail at some stage or interested if you are maybe sailing from Australia in January over to NZ?  You never know until you ask!  I welcome you read my profile & would be happy to provide any further details if needed.  Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Happy Sailing Days

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Best Sailing Blogs

The Best Sailing Blogs – Top 5

What makes the best sailing blogs? Inspirational stories, good writing, fantastic photography, insightful tips, how-to guides and, of course, regular updates. Here is a list of 5 of the best sailing blogs on the internet (in no particular order) which do all of these things and more:

1. Yachting & Boating World

No list of the best sailing blogs would be complete without the big one. Yachting & Boating World magazine’s authoritative website is also home to a few blogs which are definitely worth following. They are regularly updated and include articles and videos from their writers which cover a broad spectrum of sailing topics from news and equipment reviews to guides and interviews with top sailing teams and stars.

2. Sail Far Live Free

Great blogs are all about giving normal people a voice and this blog does just that. Started in 2007 by then sailing novice Kevin writes a journal covering his families purchase and restoration of an old sailboat, has grown to over 1,000,000 page views with its mix of stories, reviews and tips. The journey they’ve been on makes inspirational reading.

3. The Retirement Project

This fantastic blog chronicles the ups and downs of a couple, Tim and Deb, who set out to spend their retirement living on the seas. Their story is well worth following from the start and anyone with wanderlust or an unquenchable desire to sail will find their posts fascinating and inspiring.

4. Ed’s Boat Tips

The website of the popular magazine Cruising World hosts a number of indispensable blogs which cover all aspects of sailing, but here we’ve gone for ‘Ed’s boat tips’. This is a regularly updated blog which offers advice and tips on the kind of practical issues you might not even think about until you are out there sailing. This blog will help you pre-empt problems and challenges before they happen! Typical post title: “Three Ways To Prevent Electrocuting Swimmers Around Your Boat.”

5. Windtraveler

The ongoing story of a couple who set sail to seek “a life less ordinary” and then found out they were having twins. This insightful blog follows the family as they look to get back on the open seas and deals with a lot of great practical advice on sailing with very young crew members as well as great photography and a compelling story.

best sailing blogs

Don’t forget the Lovesail Blog either for informative articles all sailing related!  Lovesail is a global online dating and social networking site for sailing enthusiasts.