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crewing events spring 2019

Crewing Events Spring 2019

crewing events spring 2019

Crewing Events Spring 2019 – From Lovesail Members

Here are a few of the crewing events Spring 2019 that have been posted on Lovesail. To view these and more log into your account and go to the Crewing and Sailing Events section. If you are not a member you can still view these events by visiting our home page and clicking on the link at the top of the page.


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winter crewing posts 2018

Winter Crewing Posts 2018

Winter Crewing Posts 2018

winter crewing posts 2018

Here are a few of the winter crewing posts 2018 that have been submitted by the Lovesail members.  To find out more about an individual crewing post just log into your Lovesail account and click on the crewing section.  If you are not a member yet, come and have a look at our friendly sailing community.

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greenland crewing post

Greenland Crewing Post

Greenland Crewing Post – September 2018

One of the Lovesail members “Sgiud” is a true sailing traveller.  He has just added a greenland crewing post to his profile and is looking for crew for a trip to the East Coast of Greenland.  If you are interested in this then log into your Lovesail account and visit either the Crewing Group section or Sguid’s profile for more details.  If you are not a member of Lovesail then do come and take a look at our friendly community.  We are a global dating and social networking site for sailing enthusiasts.

East Groenland Coast Exploration Sailing – Kangerdlussuak Area

The Green Land, as described by the Icelandic Vikings who reached the SW Coast around 1000 AC, is only fertile in this area.

​The East Coast we will explore is instead mostly covered by Ice, and the Icecap and its Glaciers reach the shore in between huge and deep fjords.

​The pack ice allows the ships to reach the shore only few months per year, making this part of the country one of the most remote area of the planet.

In July, we will leave Isafjordur and check if the drifting pack ice has cleared the way to the Blosseville coast, only 200 Nm away from Iceland.

If not, we will spend few days exploring the Vestfirdir area, and the Hornstrandir Peninsula, under the clear arctic summer and its permanent daylight.

In August, the days will be shortened by some night, but the pack and the fasten ice will have well moved away and it will be easier to sail into the fjords.

Leaving from Ammassalik, we will stay three weeks deepening our knowledge of the area, exploring furthermore the hidden gems of the fjords, going north as far as we can.

​Then we will return to Reykjavik, leaving this iced and pure universe to its original condition.

We will live two to three weeks in complete autonomy, enjoying the fabulous lanscapes, the drifting icebergs, surrounded by whales, seals.

​We will use our dingies to reach the shore, the more experienced will take the folding kayaks to approach smoothly the animals, and sail towards another fjord, leaving the iced peaks of the coast behing us in a goldy mirage.

​This is a place of total wilderness, kingdom of walruses, polar bear and many species or marine mammals, feeding into the rich waters, before the long winter.

There are no harbours, no roads, no villages, and we will experience the intimate feeling of being “into the wild”.

greenland crewing post

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new year crewing posts

New Year Crewing Posts

New Year Crewing Posts 2016

Here are a few of the crewing posts that may interest Lovesail members for the New Year.  To see more just click on the Crewing section on the site.  If you are not a member of then take a look at our dating, friendship and crewing site for sailing soulmates.


Crew for Aust/Asia

Brought my 38 ft. Ketch across the S. Pacific from Mexico. Now in New Zealand.  Planning Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Departing New Zealand April/May 2016.


Classic yacht searches for friendly crew

Due to one crew dropping out due to boyfriend issues I am looking for one other to join Seasalter on her trip from New Zealand to Brazil via the Falkland Islands. Message me your experience and availability for this awesome adventure.



RYA competent crew
UAE, Gulf of Arabia, Oman sailing, Caribbean, Canaries, Mediterranean.
In Antigua then who knows where.


Sail New Zealand

Looking for a crew member to the east coast of New Zealand bay of plenty north experienced skipper
30-foot garry mull yacht share expenses. Its summer here so bring your bikini


Experienced Stew

Looking to network…would like to find extra work in south Florida, Bahamas, BVI’s, Mexico, Etc ..I’m available to do delivery’s as well. I make a great mate and can cook too . I would also be interested in joining a fun boat for pleasure cruising or holiday if anyone needs extra crew or looking for company.


Hunky Dory

Looking for people that want to make Hunky Dory there home for a while.   Willing to help finish this great boat an enjoy living a dream.  You will learn modern boatbuilding a pick up more sailing skills on cruising multihull. Designed for comfort and space, four double cabins on board.  Planning to leave The Algarve to cross the Atlantic end of January.

new year crewing posts