Extreme Sailing Series Hamburg

Extreme Sailing Series Hamburg 2015

Act 5 will see the Extreme Sailing Series in Hamburg, Germany on the River Elbe in the HafenCity area.  The dates for the Extreme Sailing Series Hamburg are Thursday 23rd July until Sunday 26th July.

Hamburg is the second largest port in Europe second only to Rotterdam.  The Hamburg harbour area, over 800 years old, can be enjoyed in many ways.  Take a boat tour along the River Elbe, promanade along the waterfront, and enjoy the excellent German cuisine. There are many streams, rivers and canals that run in and around Hamburg with over 2400 bridges – more than the combined number of bridges of London, Amsterdam and Venice.  Currently the HafenCity area is undergoing a huge transformation and is the largest regeneration project in Europe.

Current Positions before Act 5 Extreme Sailing Series Hamburg:


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Extreme Sailing Series – Cardiff

Extreme Sailing Series Cardiff 2015

The Extreme Sailing Series – Cardiff is on its way.  This leviathan rolls into Cardiff Bay next week with the sails unfurled and set ready to go on Thursday 18th June.  The Bay has no respite until Sunday 21st June when the sun will set on Act 4 and the boats are packed away on the longest of days to move onto Hamburg.

The best place to view this Midsummer madness is from the Waterfront and Barrage.  Running alongside the Extreme Sailing Series in the shoreside will be food and drink stalls, live music, ‘have a go’ activities for all the family.

Results to date:

extreme sailing series - cardiff



Extreme Sailing Series Qingdao

Extreme Sailing Series Qingdao, China

Act 3 of the Extreme Sailing series takes place in olympic sailing city of Qingdao in China.  Starting on Thursday 30th April it runs for 4 days finishing on Sunday 3rd May 2015.

The most notorious of all the venues in the extreme sailing series Qingdao can and does throw every kind of weather challenge at the competitors.   Gales, enormous waves, flat calm and there has even been fog.  If the wind is a Northerly it will barrel between the city skyscrapers and bombard the extreme 40’s with gusts that can capsize a boat.

The Race Village will be located at Fushan Bay, which was also the venue of the 2008 Olympic Village.  The boats will race inside the bay from the 1-3 May when the event opens to the general public.  If you  want a sneak preview of the sailing action then you can watch the boats race on the 30 April.  The best vantage point for this is from the breakwater which faces the Yellow Sea.

extreme sailing series qingdao

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Extreme Sailing Series Muscat

Extreme Sailing Series Muscat – Act 2

Act 2 of the Extreme Sailing Series Muscat is well underway.  Having started on 11th March it runs through until 14th March.

The action is centered around the beautiful 7km white beach of the Almouj Golf Course.  Muscat in Oman is one of the sailor’s favourite venues for the Extreme Sailing Series.  With the hot sunny weather and sea breezes it makes for very exciting stadium racing.

After an exceptional opening day of sailing with a North Easterly breeze ranging from 8 to 16 knots, the home boat The Wave, Muscat won 5 out of 6 races.  Currently the leader board stands as follows:


extreme sailing series muscat


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Extreme Sailing Series Singapore

Extreme Sailing Series Singapore


Some of the world’s best sailors are preparing to meet up for the first, opening act of the 2015 Extreme Sailing Series Singapore.  Act one is due to start on 5th February and will run through until 8th February, at the world famous Marina Bay, Singapore.  Race Director Phil Lawrence thinks it is a fantastic venue to open the series with: “……..right in the middle of the city that really does epitomize our stadium concept. Light and tricky winds are the norm, but it can get very gusty as we saw last year, especially if the frequent thunderstorms are nearby. It’s a tricky venue, which will test the teams both old and new. With such a talented and diverse fleet, I think the established form guide could be thrown out of the window.”

The Extreme Sailing Series Singapore will see 9 teams from 10 nations and 45 world-class sailors competing, here is a list of all the teams:

GAC Pindar (GBR)

Gazprom Team Russia (RUS)

Lino Sonego Team Italia (ITA)

Oman Air (OMA)

Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT)

SAP Extreme Sailing Team (DEN)

Team Aberdeen (SIN)

Team Turx (TUR)

The Wave, Muscat (OMA)

And the other venues and dates for the Extreme Sailing Series 2015 are as follows:

Act 1 – Singapore  5 – 8 February

Act 2 – Muscat, Oman 11 – 14 March

Act 3 – Qingdao, China 1 – 4 May

Act 4 – Cardiff, UK 18 – 21 June

Act 5 – Hamburg, Germany 2 – 5 July

Act 6 – St Petersburg, Russia 20 – 23 August

Act 7 – Istanbal, Turkey 1 – 4 October

Act 8 – Australia 10 – 13 December

The Extreme Sailing Series 2015 is now in it’s ninth year.  The series has given sailing a kick up the butt and introduced the public to Stadium Sailing, putting spectators at the heart of the racing, increased the speed and performance on the water and set new standards in competition and sailing entertainment.

For more information on the Extreme Sailing Series Singapore, visit the Extreme Sailing Series portal.

extreme sailing series singapore

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Extreme Sailing Series Sydney

Extreme Sailing Series Sydney, Australia

The final act of the Extreme Sailing Series will be held in Sydney, Australia.  The final venue, Extreme Sailing Series Sydney, is unique in that double points are up for grabs so theoretically 5 teams are capable of  winning a position on the podium.  The race takes place from 11th to 14th December 2014.  The venue is, or course, Sydney Harbour.  Farm Cove to be exact which is between Garden Island and the iconic Sydney Opera House.  An exclusion zone will be in force to keep the area clear for the racing.  The Race Village can be found at Mrs Macquarie’s Point. This can be reached by walking through the Royal Botanic Garden and through the Queen Elizabeth II gates on the eastern side of the Opera House Forecourt.  For those of you staying on the other side of the Harbour, Kurraba Point, Cremorne Point and Athol Bay on the North Shore will also provide fantastic viewpoints.

The Extreme Sailing Series Sydney promises to be as spectacular as the scenery and together with that infamous Aussie hospitality, a fitting end to the tour.

extreme sailing series sydney


Extreme Sailing Series Nice

Extreme Sailing Series Nice – Penultimate Act

The penultimate act of the Extreme Sailing Series Nice, runs from 2nd October until 5th October 2014.  Nice, situated between Monaco and Cannes on the French Cote d’Azur and a popular tourist destination, has the most exceptional mediterranean climate.

Racing takes place in front of the Esplanade Georges Pompidou, the race village is also located here and gives spectators a grand view of the action close to shore.  Live commentary will be in both English and French and other activities, including a DJ and outdoor classes will abound.  Sounds like a great long weekend break idea!

extreme sailing series nice

Extreme Sailing Series Istanbul

Extreme Sailing Series Istanbul – Act 6

Act 6 – Extreme Sailing Series Istanbul.  The 12 international teams will be decending on Istanbul between the 11th and 14th September 214.  The largest city in Turkey, and once capital of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul makes a stunning backdrop for the extreme sailing event.

The Race Village can be found at Yenikapı Etkinlik Alanı and is free to enter.  The Extreme 40’s will race close to the shore on the public days, giving spectators a stunning view of the action.  There will be a variety of entertainment in the Race Village throughout the days as well as live commentary in both Turkish and English.  When the racing stops visitors can then explore the narrow streets and alleyways of the Byzantine city in search of bazaars and souks.

extreme sailing series istanbul


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Extreme Sailing Series Cardiff

Extreme Sailing Series Cardiff – Act 5

The Extreme Sailing Series will be winding it’s way over the hills and valleys to Cardiff for Act 5 starting from Friday 22nd August until Monday 25th August 2014.  Sailing will take place in beautiful Cardiff Bay over the Bank Holiday weekend and forms part of the Cardiff Harbour Festival.  Members of the public can enter the Race Village on Harbour Drive and you can see the Extreme 40 catamarans  moored close enough to nearly touch!  Racing for the Extreme Sailing Series Cardiff will take part in the bay and viewing will be possible from Harbour Drive.

For more information visit the Extreme Sailing Series webiste.

extreme sailing series cardiff

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Extreme Sailing Series or Extreme 40 Sailing Series

What is the Extreme Sailing Series?

I’m fairly new to sailing as you will know, and keep seeing tweets and references to the Extreme Sailing Series at the moment.  I’m not sure what this is so thought what better way to learn than to write a blog about it.

So, the Extreme Sailing Series is a series of  sailing races.  Currently the teams use  a class of catamaran called Extreme 40.  As the number would suggest, the catamarans are 40 feet long and, coincidentally, can attain speeds of 40 knots.  Other impressive statistics include a mast length of 62 feet, a 23 foot beam, extreme sailing seriesa mainsail measuring 75 square meters, a jib of 25 square meters and a Gennaker of 110 square meters.  They displace 1250 kg of water (slightly more than me!)  and sorry for the inconsistancy in units of measurement!

The series of races,  now in the 5th year, is a globlal event with races taking place in nine venues around the world.  These nine venues, or Acts, will result in 282 races being won or lost, each lasting 20 minutes and for a total of  47 days.  Here are the venues and dates:

Act 1 Muscat, Oman 22-24 February 2011

Act 2 Qingdao, China 15-17 April 2011

Act 3 Istanbul, Turkey 27-29 May 2011

Act 4 Boston, USA 30 June to 4 July 2011

Act 5 Cowes, UK 6-12 August 2011 (on my doorstep)

Act 6 Trapani, Italy 16-18 September 2011

Act 7 Nice, France 30 September – 2 October 2011

Act 8 Almeria, Spain 12-16 October 2011

Act 9 Singapore 9-11 December 2011

The teams seem to be representing their countries (11 in total) and currently the leaders after Act 7 are Groupe Edmond de Rothchild (France) with 61 points followed by Luna Rosa (Italy) on 59 points and third is Emirates Team New Zealand (New Zealand)  with  54 points.  Points are allocated as follows: 1st place = 11 points, 2nd place = 10 points, 3rd place = 9 points, I think you get the idea, and penalty points can be awarded for crashing into other boats, or causing a nuisance by sailing badly.  Double points are awarded for the final race at each venue, which can result in some very extreme sailing and a tense finish.   The winners of the series receive just the honour of winning!  Recent changes have meant that the sailing courses are set out close to shore at each venue so spectators have an up close and personal view of the action, and it really is not to be missed.

All that remains to say is if you would like to know more there is an excellent website at Extreme Sailing Series.  Here you can find information on all the teams, the results, venues and also photos and videos of the Acts.  See you in Almeria!

Image courtesy of untipogratico