London Boat Show Cancelled

London Boat Show Cancelled

As many of you will now be aware, the London Boat Show 2019 has been cancelled.  Whether this is going to be a permanent fixture still remains to be seen but it was not a shock to many in the Marine industry.

I have been attending the London Boat Show since 2011, only since owning Lovesail.  Up to that point, it was not on my radar.  I had attended the Southampton Boat Show before but I live not far from the city so that was a given.  In the seven years, I have been visiting the London Boat Show there has been discontent among the visitors and exhibitors alike.  I made it a habit to ask everyone I met at the show, both visitors and exhibitors what their thoughts were about it.

Visitors have been far from happy for some time.  The London Boat Show used to be run from Earls Court and was a popular venue.  The move to Excel had to be the main reason for their unhappiness.  Earls Court is central and easy to get to.  Once you had visited the show you were free to pop into “town”.  This was especially important if you had travelled far.  It was a weekend away, a treat, something to look forward to.   Excel, by comparison, is over in Docklands, a hassle of a tube ride which takes 30 minutes from Waterloo station.  Nothing much else would compel you to visit Docklands, the city airport?  Beckton Sewage Works?!  It’s a bleak place in January.  This coupled with the stark exhibition halls, lack of atmosphere and sky-high prices in the on-site eateries, it’s no wonder ticket sales struggled.

“……The place is inaccessible, soulless, dreary, small”

Exhibitors were complaining too.  A nightmare to get to and not much to do in the evenings if you were staying locally for the duration of the show.  The timing though was the big problem.  The London Boat Show falls just before the much bigger and better Boot Show in Düsseldorf, quite a feat for the London exhibitors to pack up and be in Germany in time for the Boot.   The Boot is a must diary date for anyone serious in creating connections in the marine industry.

Many reasons were cited for the move, the need for water, better infrastructure, Sunseeker had insisted!  Only a select few will know the real reasons but if it was to display the boats in water why were the docks empty?

Southampton Boat Show. by comparison, is huge, with a purpose-built marina to house the boats, the vibrant city of Southampton within striking distance and good road and rail links.  If you are there from afar,  you can take a short break and visit the Isle of Wight too, capital of sailing.

“In Southampton you’ve got the movement of the sea, the wind in the rigging and you can imagine getting on board and casting off there and then”

I for one hope the London Boat Show does not return.  There must be a need for a boat show for our Northern countrymen with plenty of brilliant venues to choose from.

A close friend summed up the London Boat Show rather succinctly, “…..that London venue is ****. The place is inaccessible, soulless, dreary, small etc etc. Manky modern docks are not a good place to showcase beautiful yachts and boats. There’s no emotion down there, no spirit of adventure. As for boats being displayed in the exhibition hall……aaarrggghhhhh! Ghastly.   In Southampton you’ve got the movement of the sea, the wind in the rigging and you can imagine getting on board and casting off there and then”.

london boat show cancelled


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London Boat Show 2016

London Boat Show 2016 London ExCeL

The London Boat Show 2016 is about to sail into London’s ExCeL this week.  Starting on Friday 8th January (preview day) and running through until Sunday 17th January, the boat show aims to remind us of the longer warmer days just around the corner and what’s new in the marine industry today.  Visitors to the boat show this weekend (9th and 10th January) also have the added bonus of being allowed entry to the Telegraph Travel Show and the Telegraph Cruise Show included in their ticket.

Of particular interest to Downton Abbey fans will be a visit from Robert, Earl of Granthan himself.  Actor Hugh Bonneville who plays the Earl in the long-running series will be opening the Sunseeker stand on Friday 8th January. He said: “I am really delighted to be joining Sunseeker to celebrate the opening of their stand at the London Boat Show; particularly with the momentous launch of its 131 Yacht.”  The 131 yacht is the largest ever Sunseeker vessel to make its debut at the London Boat Show.

london boat show 2016

New to the London Boat Show 2016 is Mediterranean Bay, a purpose build pool which will be the focal point for instructional tuition with sailing schools.  On offer will be a variety of on-water seminars looking at, amongst other things, boat handling, sail reefing and capsize drill.

Not to be missed by the traditionalists is SB Melissa.  Built in 1899 SB Melissa was a commercial sailing barge operating out of Essex.  In 1975 she was converted into a houseboat, but has now been lovingly restored into the beautiful sailing barge she once was.

london boat show 2016

Tickets for the London Boat Show 2016 can be bought online from the official London Boat Show site.  At the time of going to press cheaper tickets are on sale for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so you can bag a bargain.


London Boat Show 2015

London Boat Show 2015 at ExCel London

The London Boat Show 2015 will run from Friday 9th January until Sunday 18th January at its usual venue, ExCel London.

This year will see in excess of 450 exhibitors from the boating and affiliated industries.

There will be a 4D experience where visitors will walk through a number of nautical locations. From the heat of the tropics to the cold icy blow of the Arctic.  The 4D Experience will excite your senses with sounds and sensations of the different locations.

The watersports pool will be back so visitors can experience various watersport taster sessions.  This is a bookable activity so be sure to book your slot at the Rockley Booking Point when you arrive at the London Boat Show 2015.

The star attraction of the show will be Sir Ben Ainslie and the Ben Ainslie Racing Team (BAR).  The BAR stand will be an interactive display outlining the British challenge for the 35th America’s Cup.  Also, it shows what will be on offer at the Visitor Centre at the new BAR HQ when it opens in Portsmouth in June this year.  There will be the launch of the team merchandise range and talks from some of the sailors and designers. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet some of the BAR team and find out more about the British Challenge.

Visitors to the London Boat Show 2015 will find parking on site.  If travelling by underground then Customs House served by the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is your destination station.  Please note if travelling to London using the SouthWest Trains network, they are carrying out extensive engineering work at Wimbledon over the two weekends of the show.  Most routes on this network will be affected so do check first before leaving, you may well have to plan an alternative route.

london boat show 2015




London Boat Show 2014

London Boat Show 2014 – 4-12 January

This years’ London Boat Show 2014 is earlier than usual starting on Saturday 4th and running until the 12th January at the ExCel Centre.

You can guarantee all the usual crowd will be exhibiting but with the added excitement that Sir Ben Ainslie will be attending along with his J P Morgan BAR AC45 catamaran which took part in the America’s Cup world series 12/13.

The catamaran will be in situ for the full 9 days of the show, Sir Ben will be on the J P Morgan stand (G120) on Wednesday 8th January and answering questions.  I know I for one shall be going to the boat show that day!

Also running during part of the London Boat Show 2014 is the Telegraph Cruise Show from the 10th to the 12th January.  This 3-day show will provide everything experienced and first-time cruisers need to learn about holidays onboard a cruise ship.

For more information and to buy tickets visit the London Boat Show 2014

Current London Boat Show Ticket Offers: Any Day £12 ticket use code ex12 on the London Boat Show site in the promotional code box don’t forget to click submit.  There is a £1.75 transaction charge when ordering on-line.  This is per transaction not per ticket.

london boat show 2014


Images courtesy of London Boat Show

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A Superyacht for Christmas?

A Superyacht for Christmas?   The dream gift, or is it?

Do you think a superyacht could possibly be the best Christmas present ever?  Well let’s face it, not many of us would say no, would we!  But after the initial euphoria, the reality of owning one of these highly luxurious, state-of-the-art sailing masterpieces might just set in.  And that’s when you realise why this game is only for a privileged few of the world’s ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

So, as much as you might like the idea of gently gliding across the glistening azure seas of the Caribbean or the Med, waited on hand and foot by a meticulous crew where nothing is a problem, the reality is that superyacht ownership comes at an enormous cost – and some!

superyachtTake for example a typical estimate of the costs of purchase and maintenance – in superyacht terms.  At the entry-level, you could pick up a perfectly respectable 30-metre luxury motor craft for around $3.5 million.  Or if money is definitely no object you could head for the dizzy heights and splash out around a cool $95 million on 70+ metres of opulent sailing luxury!

But that’s just the start.  You’ve then got to factor in the maintenance costs such as fuel, crew, insurance, mooring fees etc.  which can start around 10% of the initial cost of the boat.  Plus you also need to build in a contingency for other unexpected general expenses, breakdown, berthing and accessories, and you’ll see the maintenance costs potentially rise by another 10%.  And that’s per annum!

So what are your alternatives if you really want that to own that dream yacht without having to have very deep pockets?  Well you could go the fractional-ownership route where you could still enjoy access to your genuine superyacht but without the associated cost and hassle.

One example of a company offering a range of fractional ownership programmes is Yachtplus.   They offer year-round access to a fleet of private superyachts in the Caribbean and in the Med, under a range of different programmes, dependent on how many weeks you want – or on how much you’d like to spend.  All of the crew and maintenance costs are shared between the owners and you get guaranteed availability every year – or you can charter out your weeks if you like or swap with other owners if you’re unable to use the yacht in any of your allocated periods.

Of course, maybe a better present could be chartering one of these amazing superyachts – an easy walk on walk-off option with a one-off payment –  and favoured by many of the rich and famous.  A week in the Caribbean over the Christmas period could be the answer, and superyachtif so there’s still availability on this 47m beauty, the AXIOMA motor yacht.  It’s available this winter and is on offer at an exceptional 40% discount for a Christmas charter!! M/Y AXIOMA is available from 19th until 28th December at the special weekly rate of USD 130,000 plus all expenses (instead of USD 220,000) – so you better be quick!

Or coming back down to earth with a bit of a bump, we have asuperyachts better and much cheaper way to get access to that superyacht! Take a trip to the London Boat Show at ExCel, London from the 12th to 20th January and see these fabulous crafts of all shapes, sizes and budgets on display.  And you don’t need to just look, you can even touch and feel, and dream – but then walk away – with your bank balance still intact!



All Images (except Axioma) Copyright


A New Year and a New Competition

A New Year’s Competition

So the snow never arrived and with temperatures of 12 degrees C today, I guess that’s it for the chance of snow for another year. It did make for a very lovely walk through the water meadows though with Milo, so I’m not complaining, and what better way to start the year than with a competition.

This months competition to win a years gold membership to the site is very easy. All you need to do is “like” our Facebook page during January and your name will be put into a hat and a winner drawn on 31st January 2012. The winner will be announced on the Lovesail News Blog.   Here for a link to the Facebook page otherwise copy and paste this link into your browser   Good Luck.

Last months winner of the Photo Competition and a year’s gold membership was Caribejohn with his picture of Lucy the dog.  See here to see the winning shot, a very deserved win I’m sure you will agree.

Congratulations also go to Scubad1ver who entered the competition and won the months gold membership.

Any members visiting the London Boat Show this week, I am in and out throughout the week so if you would like to meet up for a yarn/drink then please do send me a message (Lovesail Erica) or email me through the contact form.  It is always exciting to meet the members.

Wishing you all, but more especially my 16-year-old, a happy Winter-een-mas.



Day 11 – A quiet day for Casamara


Day 11 – and alls quiet and well on Casamara.

Hi everyone,

No too much to report today on Casamara. we have been on same tack all day and creaming along. We constantly supervise chafe and so far so good – fingers crossed.

We run three watches:

Watch 1- Iain (first mate) and Julian the brave chef. Iain is also chief technical officer and fixes things on Casamara as we go along. Julian has prepared feasts as we go along.

Watch 2 – Paul (watch leader) and Tim. Paul (the father of the house) is easily the most experienced yachtsman on board Casamara and nothing phases him. Tim is chief entertainment officer in charge of humour films and sundowners.

Watch 3 – Simon (Skipper) and Charles – Charles is the most active with his course refining, squeezing every last ounce of speed out of Casamara.

There is constant discussion about a huge range of subjects – top 5 films, favourite meals, lots of discussion about families, music and what we will all be doing in five years time. So over to Julian for Gastro update. Regards SP

Last night’s half way party on Casamara was fantastic! It was my night off and I was treated to chicken in a white wine, cream and tarragon sauce with basmati rice. We have gradually gone from eating cooked breakfasts to Muesli and yoghurt as the weather hots up! Lunch and dinner remain the main social event of the day (although it’s hard to call) as there is so much interaction going on all the time, the skipper has managed to pick such a great bunch of people to sail Casamara, it’s one of those situations that would be almost impossible to recreate and I should know having done the Pacific some time ago with one of my best friends Tom and a similarly amazing crowd! Dinner tonight has been steaks (cooked medium rare) with sauté potatoes and garlic butter (delicious)!

Boat equipment on Casamara continues to hold up well, I always knew that Discovery built fantastic boats and I have been suitably impressed with everything so far! It’s all very reassuring now that we really are deep into the middle of the ocean, to know that you are on such a well built yacht!  

There are so many more things that we intend to do and report about. It is a little disconcerting to realise that we only have a week left to fit it all in. I am looking forward though to the London Boat Show in January 2012, where we will, as always have our own stand and in addition I will be presenting three times a day, along with my distinguished colleagues Adam Gray (Michelin starred chef) and Janet Buckingham (published cookery author) who wrote Jupiter Moon Cookery Book (a must in my opinion for anyone planning an off shore trip) a selection of quick and easy nutritional meals to have on board and also highlighting the equipment required to prepare and cook it more easily and most importantly safely!. I will also be talking about my preparation and experiences on this trip, and to how to plan and cater for such an adventure!

All this is in association with most of the major leading UK boat builders, including Contessa, Discovery (of course) Gunfleet Marine, Mystery Yachts, Oyster and Rustler Yachts. These major UK boat builders, along with some well know European builders like Comar and Tecnomar, all have as their ethos, the desire to build the best possible yachts and to enhance the sailing experience for their customers. This naturally includes the efficiency of the galley and they are consequently embracing this ideology of a safer and more user friendly galley system from previous designs.This is where our company GN Espace Galley Systems comes in and I would be delighted to see anyone at London, who has an interest in improving their current set up in this extremely important area. JK


Images:Lavente, OceanChef and OceanChefXL from GN Espace


London Boat Show

London Boat Show

The London Boat Show is held each January at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre in London, just opposite the O2 and the centre of London’s business and entertainment centre. It is a very large event, now in its 54th year, which uses ExCeL’s two 32,500 square metre halls. The London Boat Show is organised by National Boat Shows, which is a subsidiary of the British Marine Federation, the trade association for the UK boating industry.

The Show features a wide range of boats, boating equipment and clothing with interactive sections and feature attractions devoted to boating. There is also a display of tall boats and other vessels in the Royal Victoria Dock immediately outside the exhibition centre.

london boat show