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Nautical Slang in Everyday Use

nautical slang

Nautical slang we use in everyday speech There are hundreds of expressions and words we use in everyday conversations that have nautical origins.  Here are just a few.  For more see our related posts: Nautical Sayings and their origins; Nautical

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Nautical Sayings and their Origins

nautical syaings

The Origins of some Nautical Sayings and Phrases So many of our everyday phrases and sayings have originated from the sailing world.  Here are some nautical sayings for your interest.   Over a Barrel – This term is used when

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Nautical Terms

nautical terms

We use numerous well-known terms and phrases in everyday conversation but did you know just how many actually originate from nautical terms? Well here’s a small selection of words and phrases originating from nautical terms – for your interest and

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