Lovesail Has A Facelift

Lovesail Has a New Facelift

Lovesail the dating and social networking site for sailing enthusiasts have had a facelift.  A new home page re-design just in time for the summer sailing season has been launched.

Says Erica Joyce, director of Lovesail, “We felt the home page was long overdue for an update, it needed to be fresh and modern.  We worked closely with Gavin at Flying Folders to achieve a more mature and sophisticated look which is not too cluttered but has all the essential information that a home page needs to contain.  I think you’ll agree it looks fantastic.”

The re-design does not stop at the home page either, once logged into their accounts members will notice a new colour scheme and slightly different layout.  “We are not just a dating site but a friendship and crew site too.  Some of our members have been with us finding friends and crew since the site was founded in 2004.  We didn’t want to change the internal layout too much as members have become familiar with the current structure.  Some links have moved and we have a few new features, but mostly the organisation remains the same”.

If you would like to take a look at the site, Registration is free and gives you the option to search the member profiles for either dating, friendship or crew categories.  If you want to communicate with the other members then a subscription to the Gold membership is necessary.  We hand check all the profiles that register to ensure that the members have a genuine interest in sailing.  This results in a database of members that are passionate about sailing and looking to meet others with a similar interest.

The Gold membership has several options, 1-month duration, 3 months, 6 months or our very popular unlimited.  The unlimited Gold options allow members to remain a Gold member for life, no additional payments for full access to the site for as long as they wish.  Many members choose this subscription because it means they can relax without any worry that their subscription will expire before they have found a sailing partner, friends or crew.

To visit the new home page or join our community go to

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Longest Honeymoon in History?

Ian and Wendy’s Story….will this be the longest honeymoon in history?

Last weekend I attended a wedding in Devon.  Not unusual I hear you say.  According to the Office of National Statistics, there were  277,740 marriages in the Uk in 2010. What made this wedding special was the fact that it was two people that had met and fallen in love on the Lovesail site.  Once they have wed they plan to take the longest honeymoon in history.

Wendy best describes what happened in an email she sent to me back in October 2012…..

I am just writing to you with regards to our Lovesail success story.  One of your members contacted me on 28th February this year. We both had never been on the site before and signed up for one month.  I had had a string of bad relationships and was living back with my parents at 45yrs old. Sobbing on my Dads bed one night, feeling really sorry for myself, I thought, what really makes me happy.  I’ve always loved sailing and messing about on the water, so I googled date sites for sailing people and was the first site that came up. I met up with a wonderful man called Ian “Captain Silver” was his site name, on Chichester Marina on March 8th 2012.  His yacht was called “The Silver Slipper “a beautiful Moody 422.  After a number of dates, he sent me a text asking if he could be my Peter Pan? (my name is Wendy) so I texted back, “Can I be your Cinderella if the silver slipper fits?  We have now been dating for 7 months, have fallen madly in love and are getting married next April 2013 in my home county of Devon and going on the longest honeymoon in history sailing around the world with my beautiful bearded collie dog “Bumble”

I was so touched when I received an invitation to the wedding and accepted without hesitation.

The setting was Mount Folly Farm, Bigbury on Sea, Devon.  It was the most beautiful location, high on a clifftop overlooking the estuary and Burgh Island.  The weather was sublime, sunny with a gentle breeze rising up from the sea.  A marque had been erected on the top of the cliff and guests were greeted with strawberries and cream on arrival.

The ceremony was carried out by a friend of the couple and was filled with laughter, cheers and tears and not forgetting Bumble the dog who was the ring bearer for the day.  It was the most wonderful atmosphere, friends and family all genuinely happy that Ian and Wendy had found each other.

The rest of the day and evening was filled with dancing, singing (Tom Jones no less!) and entertainment on a grand scale.  This lists, most definitely, as one of the best weddings I have ever been to.

Ian and Wendy now have last minutes preparations to carry out on Silver Slipper before they depart from the UK in May.  They will sail down to Gran Canaria ready to join the ARC Race in November.  Once across the Atlantic it’s off around the Caribbean and then through the Panama Canal to the Pacific and then who knows.  Most definitely the longest honeymoon in history.

Bon Voyage Ian and Wendy, wishing you safe and happy adventures in your new life together.

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Love Sail or Lovesail?

Is it Love Sail or Lovesail?

Well, the gap can make quite a difference.  If you use Love Sail you will come up with 106,000,000 results.  Quite a lot to look through.  If you leave out the gap then it’s 79,000 results.  I’m pleased to say that we come top in the organic searches for both Love Sail and Lovesail.   And so we should because that’s what we are about, love and sailing.

What is Love Sail? is a global online dating and social networking site for boating enthusiasts.  Think but with yachts or sailboats.  All the members on Love Sail are passionate about sailing and want to meet others in the same boat (I’ll apologise for the puns now, you won’t believe just how many sailing expressions there are).  If you don’t like boats then this isn’t the site for you.

We have been established since 2004, a friendly site with a personal touch.  No stealth payments or catches.  Just a one-off fee to communicate with other members and you can stay on board for as long as you wish, no time limits or expiry dates.  All the profiles are hand checked to make sure the members do have a genuine interest in sailing and we are not affiliated to any other dating sites, so your details will only appear on our site.

Not quite sure if you are ready to date yet?  Lots of our members are looking for friendships and non-professional crew too, so why not dip your toe in the water first and look for friends to go sailing with.  We have members all over the world you can talk to so why not give it a try?

To join Love Sail then visit us at (no gap!).


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