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Sailing Events in August

sailing events in august

Sailing Events in August 2013 Here is a short list of some of the sailing events in August around the world.   Sailing Events in August in the US Newport Bucket Regatta, Newport, Rhode Island.  This fun and friendly regatta

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Sailing Events in July

sailing events in july

Sailing Events in July around the globe. So in the Northern Hemisphere with Summer (!) upon us, there are some great sailing events to catch up with and participate in if you are lucky enough.  Starting with Sailing Events in

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Sailing Events

sailing events

Some of the big sailing events coming up in May and June 2013: Sailing Events US The first on the sailing events list is Figawi Race Weekend, Hyannis, Massachusetts 25-27 May.  One of the premier sailing races on the East

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Longest Honeymoon in History?

longest honeymoon

Ian and Wendy’s Story….will this be the longest honeymoon in history? Last weekend I attended a wedding in Devon.  Not unusual I hear you say.  According to the Office of National Statistics there were  277,740 marriages in the Uk in

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Lovesail Testimonials


Comments from some media publications about Lovesail National and International Mentions have written a fabulous article about Lovesail: Lovesail Where Sailing Enthusiasts Enjoy a Shipshape Dating and Social Networking Site CNN wrote a piece about two of our members

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Sail around the World – a dream or reality?

sail around the world

Is it a sailor’s ultimate dream to sail around the world?  Look how these people did it! You don’t have to be mad to sail around the world – but a small element of madness certainly seems to help in

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Sailing Dates

sailing dates

Sailing Dates One thing we cannot accuse the sailing world of being is inactive!  Here is a chronological list of some of  the important sailing dates, sailing regattas and boat show taking place around the world: Sailing Dates USA January

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Sailing tips for single sailors to ensure a smooth voyage!

sailing tips

A light-hearted look at sailing tips to snag your dream sailor Sailors are renowned for being free-spirited, exciting and adventurous people – all those qualities that make for a great relationship.  But if you’re a newbie sailor you’ll need a

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