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Lighthouse Weddings

lighthouse weddings

Lighthouse Weddings Lighthouses are archaetectural wonders combining practical purpose with aesthetic appeal, offering a beacon of hope for mariners on dark and stormy nights. These towering structures are iconic of the coast and may also provide romantic and picturesque places

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Eddystone Lighthouse

eddystone lighthouse

Eddystone Lighthouse – A Short History The Eddystone Lighthouse is located on the Eddystone Rocks, around 14 miles southwest of Plymouth in Devon. Over the years, there have been five lighthouses protecting the Eddystone Rocks. From land, the most recent

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Trinity House

Trinity House One of the UK’s oldest charities, the Corporation of Trinity House was granted a Royal Charter by Henry VIII in 1513. The organisation has been concerned with the safety of shipping and the well-being of seafarers throughout its

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Grace Darling

grace darling

Grace Darling Grace Darling was the daughter of William Darling, a lighthouse keeper who was in the employ of Trinity House.  Grace grew up with her family on the Northumberland coast and lived first in Brownsman Lighthouse.  In 1826 the

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