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White Lake, Michigan, United States
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I am the middle of three boys, from two parents, all still alive and married except me <grin> (but, I am still alive). Divorced 5 years, and done with my first transitional relationship. I'll still have anchoring responsibilities in MI for a bit, but I am expecting to sell business on July 9. I intend to get a more substantial boat as soon as I find one that suits me (asap!). Likely keeping the boat in Chesapeake Bay (daughter in VA), and explore the East Coast for 6 - 12 months, then go South to the Caribbean and explore those islands; and beyond so long as it is a fun adventure.

My dream would be to find a soulmate (LOL) to learn this new vessel with and become more confident sailing it. I'd settle for an intelligent, adventurous, stable, financially independent, loving, and compatible woman.

I am on this matching site and one other (as of June 23) and very new at this process. And I am forced to choose between fit and fat. So as to not mislead, while I can still run 6 miles, it is not pretty.

I guess I should include some other adjectives to describe me: smart, fun, romantic, pragmatic, adventurous, funny, irreverent, too compassionate, cynically optimistic, pragmatic, fiscally conservative, socially liberal, inventive & resourceful, independent , problem solver, calm, laid back, contemplative, organized and too thorough. In medicine, I have learned to be skeptical of much of what I think I know; but I have also learned that I have good instincts. I prefer to work out problems and enjoy finding solutions with a partner. I'd like to think that if we all had the same history, information, and wisdom, that we would all come to the same conclusions.

While I will choose to listen to cello, guitar and piano, favorite songs/singers include bouncy songs like Barbie girl, Madona, and Gaga (might as well get that out there so you can swipe whichever way is bad <grin>).

Favorite movies include August Rush, Silverado, Die Hard, and Cool Hand Luke (not that watch any movies more than once, but just to give you a feel of the emotions that touch my soul). Emotionally, I want to ride the white horse and save the princess (and/or the world). Realistically, I am happy to have the princess save me.

Sailing Experience:

I am a relative young <grin> sailor.
I have been paddling (and sailing) sea kayaks, mostly in long distance (300M) races around MI and the Gulf Coast of FL since 1999.
I started sailing in to 2011 (I broke my wrist and sailed a 19' Hobie IA (Br. Columbia, and Lake Superior).
I have been sailing traditional sail boats since 2016.
I was certified on an 45' Morgan Ketch during a 7d sail down the Gulf Coast of Fl.

I own an 18' SandPiper, s/v Erige (a buddy died, I bought it from his widow) and I have sailed this on Lakes Erie & Huron, and the FL Gulf Coast.

Additionally, I have skippered a Contessa '26, a Catalina '30, an Island Packet 37, and Wauquiez '41, and the Morgan '45 (above).

I don't want to oversell, and I consider myself a slow learner; however I have sailed or paddled the length of all the Great Lakes, the Soo Locks, the Welland Canal; as well as the Atlantic coast from Plymouth Rock to LaGuardia Airport (literally). I chartered the IP37 in WA and sailed (to a meeting) on Vancouver Island. I raced the SandPiper around cape sable at the same time a 21' Sea Pearl skipper was airlifted due to conditions. Dumbest thing: with two buddies, all of us open water kayak instructors (sheesh!) did a 10M crossing, in November, in a Gale, with 9' avg waves to S. Manitou Island in Lake MI.

I am not seriously competitive. In paddling, as in sailing, we talk of racers and cruisers. When 'racing' I have always labeled myself a '"tourist".

There is one problem with going from paddling to sailing; I still want to explore rock gardens and the shore line. I want to go where it is interesting :)

Sailing Qualifications:

2016: ASA 101, 103, 104, 105, and 106. Not that certifications mean much.

I know wind, water, waves, and basic navigation; and I have reasonable instincts.

Generally, I am conservative regarding safety, by my standards. But there is that adventurous part of me (rocks <grin>?)
I have towed multiple disable vessels while paddling (including a convicted felon, and the USCG Auxiliary--made the papers).

However, I have tons to learn about large sail boats and diesel mechanics.

Nautical Miles Logged:
20,000 (Not to oversell my experience, 15K of these miles were in the seat of a sea kayak).
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Yes - flown the nest 
Veterinarian, feline specialist
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Social butterfly, Side kick, Comic relief 
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6'0" - 6'3" (181 - 190cm) 
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