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sailing forum

Sailing Forum – A list of some of the popular sailing forums on the internet.

  1. Yachting and Boating World forum (  Yachting and Boating World is a huge site for all things nautical.   It is owned by IPC media who are behind a lot of the sailing magazines in the UK, Yachting Monthly, Practical Boat Owner, Yachting World to name but a few.  The site has it’s own sailing forum and as of June 2013 the statistics were as follows: Threads 356,760 Posts 4,197,863 Members 117,692 Active Members 4,784 UK based.
  2. Sailnet.  The sailnet site is billed as “a resource where sailors could find everything they needed to support their own pursuit of the sailing lifestyle”.  Amongst all the sailing resources there is a sailing forum.  As at June 2013 the statistics were as follows: Threads: 94,996, Posts: 1,016,956, Members: 128,743, Active Members: 49,946 US based.
  3. Cruisers Forum (  This site seems to be forum first and additional features second.  Again the statistics as at June 2013 were: Threads: 96,790, Posts: 1,229,349, Members: 112,298.  The active member numbers were not available.  US based.
  4.  Sailing Anarchy (  This in an on-line sailing magazine that is based in the US.  The site has it’s own forum but the statistics were not as detailed as the other forum sites.  As at June 2013: Total Posts 3,671,471   Total Members 52,278 but it is not known how many of these are active.
  5. Cruiser Log (  This sailing forum seems to be based in the US and from the same stable as Cruiser Forum, but as with most of these sailing forum they tend to have members from all over the globe.  This is a small site and as at June 2013 the numbers were as follow: Threads: 7,205, Posts: 38,029, Members: 17,872 again no figure for active members.
  6. Sailing Forums (  This is primarily a forum site with sub forums on laser, sunfish, capri 14 and J/24.  As at June 2013 the figures were: Discussions 25,176 Messages 126,194 Members 27,861.  Again this is a US based site.
  7. Scuttlebutt Sailing News (  This is a sailing news website which has a forum attached.  The only figures I could find as at June 2013 was 6337 registered users.  A small site and US based. is a global online dating and social networking site where you can meet other sailing enthusiasts for dates, friendships and crewing opportunities.

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