book review- sailing into the abyss

Book Review – Sailing Into The Abyss by Bridget Lane

Book Review – Sailing Into The Abyss by Bridget Lane

Publisher – CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (12 Nov 2012)

ISBN 978-1480257009


This book review – Sailing into the Abyss by Bridget Lane, is about a life-changing true story of drug-running across the Pacific. A young girl with a passion for sailing gets approached to transport an illegal cargo from Colombia to the US. She battles with storms, snakes, and interminable days at sea, before finally being intercepted by a Mexican gunboat. Her subsequent incarceration in Mexico’s most infamous prison, La Mesa, is almost more surprising: the treatment she receives and the people she meets become a transformative experience.


Sailing Into The Abyss’ is not actually about sailing.  It’s really about the time the author spent in a Mexican prison after deciding to combine sailing and illegal drugs. In the first third of the book, Bridget Lane gives us an interesting account of the preparation for the trip and the difficulties and hardships they endured before capture.  She does this well and even a staunch landlubber like me gets a sense of the freedom of the ocean, despite the unfamiliar nautical terminology.  The rest of the story, however, is strictly land-based as Lane and her partner deal with incarceration.  This is actually where the book becomes a great read.  The insight into life in this prison at this particular time in the eighties is very interesting and I was gripped enough to return to the story at any free moment.  If I were to express any overall dissatisfaction it would be that although the author gives us some of her emotional journey I did not connect with her.  I awaited regret for her rash decision to no avail and ultimately was left unsympathetic.

Reviewed By Bev Hooper – Writer

book review - sailing into the abyss

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