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Luxury Sailing around Beautiful Islands in the Sun – Team Excellence

Fancy a holiday with a difference this coming summer? Do you enjoy luxury and relaxation in warm climes but also need some fun, stimulus and activity as well? A sailing cruise around the beautiful islands of the Eastern Mediterranean.  Greece and Turkey in style and comfort could be just the job. Learn to sail or develop your skills and experience or simply relax and let others do the helming, navigating and cooking. This can suit whole families and groups of friends and there will also be weeks for singles and couples to make new friends as you cruise along the coast and between the beautiful islands.

One of the aspects of cruising on board Excellence of Dart is that many people relish the sense of fun and adventure coupled with an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. This is a yacht where even the least experienced can gain in confidence and enjoy the whole experience at whatever level of energy and engagement they wish, from skippering all day to relaxed sunbathing, reading a good book and sipping the odd cocktail or G&T. This is a sailing holiday where women and men alike can enjoy themselves without the macho side of grinding winches and shouting skippers!

One of the delights is to sail from one island to another, drop anchor, dive over the side and snorkel in warm, clear waters studying the marine life. Then there is time to explore the harbour towns and hinterland of famous places that you may often have wanted to visit. The joy is that when you have explored one island it is time to sail to another equally lovely and interesting setting. Practise your Greek or Turkish as you sample the local cuisine and wines of so many different cultures on so many beautiful islands.

You can sail for a standard week or two or just think for a moment about a small sabbatical of your own and have an adventure of a lifetime, taking a few weeks to make passage around beautiful islands from Turkey to the Ionian islands of Greece, whilst soaking up the sun.

Or, think beautiful islands bigger still: Next year we set off on a round the world trip from Turkey to Gibraltar via Crete and The Balearics before heading west to The Caribbean and onwards through Panama to Galapagos and then across the Pacific to Tahiti, Fiji and beyond to new Zealand, Bali, south Africa, Brazil….We shall be looking for people to join us on the various stages of the adventure.

Prices start at £895 per person per week with significant discounts available for longer passages, friends of Excellence, repeat and group bookings.

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Images courtesy of Peter Coxon

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