The Longest Honeymoon Continues….

The Longest Honeymoon Continues – Ian and Wendy’s Story

Back in April, I wrote about Ian and Wendy, two Lovesail members that met on the site, fell in love and got married (read their story here).  Both very keen sailors they decided the best honeymoon they could have would be to sail around the world.  Would this be the longest honeymoon in history?  Here is an update of their trip so far…..the longest honeymoon continues…


Well, the Silver Slipper has landed. We arrived in Las Palmas on Tuesday 22nd October.  After 26 different ports, 2650 miles and over 500 hours at sea we finally made our goal to arrive in Las Palmas ready to start the ARC. Our crossing from Maderia promised very light winds but to our delight, we sailed most of the way and only used the engine for the last 60 miles on a flat calm sea.

We are now moored up on pontoon I so if anyone is in town please drop by to say hello.

Since our arrival we have been making final preparations so checking all our gear, making sure that we have ticked all the boxes’ in the ARC safety manual and looking for the best deals in town to stock up on food for the crossing. This is all new to us so plenty of thinking and planning is going into each process.

On our way south we have been lucky technically. Although we spent many hours planning and preparing both ourselves and the boat for the trip things still went wrong. Not surprising really as not many boats moored up in the UK do 2500 plus miles a season with another 2800 to go.

We so far have had to replace our alternator, fix and repair our throttle cable, sort out a leak in our fuel injector pump and get a replacement AIS transmitter.

We have made many great friends along the way and have introduced a number of new members to as they were so intrigued by our story. In fact, we recently received an e-mail from a sailing friend we made on our way south who joined Lovesail after he met us and is now arranging to meet my sister, who is also on Lovesail. It’s a very small world out there!

Our dog Bumble, who was the ring carrier at our wedding, is also enjoying the trip. She has been good as gold and just loves being at sea. She has also become our “Dolphin Watch” crew member as she sees or smells them before Wendy and I have spotted them leaping out of the water to cross our bows. She starts barking so we know there are dolphins about.

Safe sailing and fair winds.

Ian, Wendy & Bumble

the longest honeymoon

You can follow Ian, Wendy and Bumble’s ARC Race journey through the boat log on the World Cruising Club site, just search for Silver Slipper.

Many thanks to Ian and Wendy for their update.

Image courtesy of Ian

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