Crewing Events May 2019

crewing events may 2019

Crewing Events May 2019

There has been a bit of a flurry of new crewing events and opportunities posted over the last week, so here is a run down of just a few that the Lovesail members have added.  For more opportunities then log into your Lovesail account and visit the crewing section:

Looking for crew for sailing Halifax – Boston – Cape Cod – Nantucket – Martha’s Vineyard – New York – Halifax

Member dmyers905 is looking for crew for a 3.5 week trip to Halifax stopping in Boston, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, New York and finally back to Halifax.

crewing events May 2019

Aruba Regatta August 2019

Liza996 is looking to travel to Aruba for the Regatta – “Looking for anyone planning to be in the area as a sight seer or a participant. Currently in Houston but willing to travel to a location to join up to sail “to” Aruba ahead of the regatta (totally free travel time wise beginning August) Have family that will be in Aruba for a few days that I’ll spend some time with, but would really like to get some more hands on sail time and would put the sailing ahead of other plans!”

crewing events may 2019

Croatia Crew for 57ft Gulet

Seafarer000 is looking for crew for a 57ft Gulet in Croatia but hurry it’s about to start – “Unpaid crew needed, sharing food expenses needed on Gulet cruising Croatia and over to Italy. USA owner and UK crew. Preferably experienced but inexperienced can apply”.

crewing events may 2019

Sailing the unknown on the East Greenlandic Coast

Starting in July sgiud has a few places left on his Greenland trip – “The Green Land, as described by the Icelandic Vikings who reached the SW Coast around 1000 AC, is only fertile in this area. The East Coast we will explore is instead mostly covered by Ice, and the Icecap and its Glaciers reach the shore in between huge and deep fjords, generating huge and magnificent icebergs…..We will live two to three weeks in complete autonomy, enjoying the fabulous landscapes, the drifting icebergs, surrounded by whales, seals………This is a place of total wilderness, kingdom of walruses, polar bear and many species or marine mammals, feeding into the rich waters, before the long winter……Time schedule is as follows…..”.  Take a look at the posting on the site for a more detailed description and dates.

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