Crewing Events May 2019

crewing events may 2019

Crewing Events May 2019

There has been a bit of a flurry of new crewing events and opportunities posted over the last week, so here is a run down of just a few that the Lovesail members have added.  For more opportunities then log into your Lovesail account and visit the crewing section:

Looking for crew for sailing Halifax – Boston – Cape Cod – Nantucket – Martha’s Vineyard – New York – Halifax

Member dmyers905 is looking for crew for a 3.5 week trip to Halifax stopping in Boston, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, New York and finally back to Halifax.

crewing events May 2019

Aruba Regatta August 2019

Liza996 is looking to travel to Aruba for the Regatta – “Looking for anyone planning to be in the area as a sight seer or a participant. Currently in Houston but willing to travel to a location to join up to sail “to” Aruba ahead of the regatta (totally free travel time wise beginning August) Have family that will be in Aruba for a few days that I’ll spend some time with, but would really like to get some more hands on sail time and would put the sailing ahead of other plans!”

crewing events may 2019

Croatia Crew for 57ft Gulet

Seafarer000 is looking for crew for a 57ft Gulet in Croatia but hurry it’s about to start – “Unpaid crew needed, sharing food expenses needed on Gulet cruising Croatia and over to Italy. USA owner and UK crew. Preferably experienced but inexperienced can apply”.

crewing events may 2019

Sailing the unknown on the East Greenlandic Coast

Starting in July sgiud has a few places left on his Greenland trip – “The Green Land, as described by the Icelandic Vikings who reached the SW Coast around 1000 AC, is only fertile in this area. The East Coast we will explore is instead mostly covered by Ice, and the Icecap and its Glaciers reach the shore in between huge and deep fjords, generating huge and magnificent icebergs…..We will live two to three weeks in complete autonomy, enjoying the fabulous landscapes, the drifting icebergs, surrounded by whales, seals………This is a place of total wilderness, kingdom of walruses, polar bear and many species or marine mammals, feeding into the rich waters, before the long winter……Time schedule is as follows…..”.  Take a look at the posting on the site for a more detailed description and dates.

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Crewing Events for May 2019

crewing events for may 2019

Crewing Events for May 2019

Here a just a few of the crewing events that have been posted on the Lovesail crewing section.  To find out more details of these and other events then log into your account and click on the Crewing and Sailing Events section.  If you are not a member of Lovesail then do come and have a look at our friendly sailing community.

Solent Cruising

Keef is looking for crew to sail the Solent.  Weekends, day sails or week day sails are all possible.  Ideal if you want to build miles in the ever busy Solent waters.

Turkey, Greece and Mediterranean

CaptainBigHeart has a new Jeanneau 44DS (nice boats, I used to sail on a 43DS) and is looking for crew to explore the Eastern Med this summer.  His plan is to start Mid April and then keep sailing until September.

Vanuatu, Australia/Solomon Islands, PNG, Indonesia

tdb1227 (catchy username!) is planning to have no plan!  Must be able to participate in all aspect of boat life, night watches, provisioning, cleaning, cooking.  Chatterboxes need not apply.

New Zealand to Fiji

Diver has an Oyster 54 that he and his wife are sailing from New Zealand to Fiji in May.


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Crewing Posts Autumn 2018

Crewing Posts Autumn 2018

Here are just some of the crewing posts that Lovesail members have posted for the Autumn.  If you are interested in the post just log into your Lovesail account and visit the Crewing Groups Section.  If you are not a member of Lovesail yet then why not take a look.


Sailing South – Maine to Bahamas

LeComte Fastnet 45′ yawl well outfitted for offshore sailing. Have 7,500+ miles experience. Looking 1 or 2 crew for passage(s). Likely sail from Maine to Beaufort, NC and then from Beaufort to Bahamas. Must be OK with cat as she is my First Mate.


Portugal-Madeira- GC – possible circumnavigation

Looking for crew member for my circumnavigation . Since I am seeking on female crew. You would like to / love to sail on my beautiful HR 38. But its important to feel good so why don’t try a shorter leg first. Leaving Algarve coast in Portugal about 18 October heading for Madeira. Send me a message and we can chat more about it. Skipper/owner is from Norway


Colombia and the San Blas Panama

I am currently looking for crew to sails from the Colon, Panama to Cartagena, Colombia, the San Blas Island in Panama and onward to the Bocas de Toro in Panama. Looking at leaving towards the end of October, 2018. Expected duration about 6 to 8 weeks. Possible option to continue sailing further north up to Belize and other points north.


Columbia River 1-5 day outings

Make new friends with other sailors in this area. Play in gentle waters around Portland/Vancouver and short trips out of Astoria.


San Diego to the Sea of Cortez

I own a beautiful Hunter 49, fully equipped sailing yacht (generator, sat phone, water maker, washer and dryer, etc). I am looking for crew members for a three month sail from San Diego to the Sea of Cortez mid October, 2018. I have dive tanks and two sets of scuba gear on board (large and medium size). Sailing experience is not a requirement but a plus. Ports of call: San Diego, Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, Loreto and Rocky Point. I’m looking forward to hear from you.


Alaska Inside Passage

I am wanting to sail the inside passage anywhere in there for several years over the spring, summer and autumn months. I have a 5 year visa for USA but live in Tasmania Australia. If you would love to have me on board as cook and handy person, general duties but good at fixing, mending and relaxation massage, photography and art of all kinds, please give me a cooeeeee! I woild love to return the pleasure to sail around Tasmania with you and /or land drive you to all important amazing places. Teach you to say, Goodah Mate! Aussie Aussie Aussie!

crewing posts autumn 2018

Picture Credit: SailorVolante

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Lovesail Crewing Posts July 2018

Lovesail Crewing Posts July 2018

Here are a few of the Lovesail Crewing Posts July 2018.  To contact the member just log into your account and go to the crewing section of the site.  If you are not a member yet then join our sailing community for dating, friendships and crewing opportunities all around the world.  We have different memberships to offer including a lifetime membership.


In the UK for the summer updating nursing in London … miss the sea … can sail up to 4 days at a time …UK or anywhere close flight wise. Thanks


Alaska Inside Passage

I am wanting to sail the inside passage…anywhere in there for several years over the spring, summer and autumn months. I have a 5 year visa for USA but live in Tasmania Australia. If you would love to have me on board as cook and handy person, general duties but good at fixing, mending and relaxation massage, photography and art of all kinds, please give me a cooeeeee! I would love to return the pleasure to sail around Tasmania with you and /or land drive you to all important amazing places. Teach you to say, Goodah Mate! Aussie Aussie Aussie!


Offshore passage RI > FL

Hi everyone, I’m looking for experienced crew to help me sail my 43′ Passport from Narragansett Bay to St. Augustine in October. I already have one crew but I have room for one more. As exact dates will be weather dependent, please don’t contact me if you need to sail to schedule.


Transatlantic Tenerife to Antigua via Cape Verde

Leg 1. Departing Tenerife 17 September, visit La Gomera & La Hierro

Depart La Hierro towards Sal Cap Verdes 1st October

Cruise cap Verdes Senegal and Gambia

Leg 2 Depart Cap Verdes 1st December towards Antigua

Seeking easy going , like minded folk who can fit in and enjoy the voyage and destinations.

Applicants should be ready to pitch in with all boating chores + cooking etc and take full advantage to practice boat handling and navigation.


All crew members should be able to stand watch, understand basic navigation and be involved in all aspects of boating life and looking after ourselves

Crews are welcome to leave/join in Cap Verdes but obviously this will depend on available paces

All applicants must provide 3 referees with contact details from previous skippers whom I may contact to confirm suitability

Re shared contributions, it is envisaged to be 25 Euros per day


lovesail crewing posts july 2018

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Sailing Opportunities June 2018

Sailing Opportunites June 2018

Here are a few of the sailing opportunities for June 2018 that some of the members have posted on the Lovesail site.  Log into your account for more details.  If you are not a member of Lovesail then please come and have a look, we have full memberships starting at £22/$30 per month and a Lifetime membership for £52/$70 (one off payment), not many dating sites offer this.  We don’t connect to other dating sites so you are guaranteed a global database of thousands of sailing enthusiasts.

Oyster UK to Med

Sailing an Oyster 61 from the UK to the Med, departing 7 July 2018. Legs something like: Tyne to Southampton; Brest; La Corunna; Porto; Villamoura; Benalmadena; Almerimar; etc.

Flexible joining and departing, as you like. Likely stops are going to be close to Easyjet airports to make it easy to come and go.

The boat is well found and comfortable. The cruise would be a good way to pick up experience and miles. Plus the sun will shine!

Scillies Cruise

Am planning to sail down to The Scillies and back from Poole in August 2018, probably leaving on 8 August. May also go from Scillies to France if time and weather permit. Have 1 crew coming and room for 1 more. My boat is a Westerly Storm 33. Seaworthy and quite quick. Message me for more information.

New England sailing

Looking to connect with more New England sailors. I sail out of Winthrop and could take out small groups.

Aegean, Greece

I co-own a boat in the Aegean – she is a Hanse 350 – a few years old now, but still quick and easy to sail. I have a 2 week slot Sunday 1st July to 15th July. I am offering the opportunity to sail the magical islands of Greece for not cost (other than your own expenses). If you have time free for a super cruise from Zea marina (near Pireaus/Athens) where the handover will take place to Aegina, Hydra and possibly beyond, please let me know.

Sea of Cortez Late July 2018

I am a 59 year old retired American attorney. Thirty years ago I sailed from Texas to Florida and into the Bahamas. I swore I would once again liveaboard. It has taken awhile but now I am in Mazatlan Mexico the proud owner of a 2007 Hunter 38. It will go into the yard soon to install A/C, bow thruster and a generator.

By the end of July I hope to untie the lines and head for La Paz and the islands off the west coast of Baja – truly incredibly beautiful.

I am in search of a lady, a bloke or a couple to share the journey for a bit or more. Who know whats next the Panama Canal and Caribbean may beckon.

Sailing experience a definite plus but a willing attitude and easy demeanor are equally if not more essential. Not looking for financial assistance or a sharing of vessel costs.

Sailing opportunities June 2018

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Crewing Posts Spring 2018

Crewing Posts Spring 2018 – Lovesail Crewing Posts.

Crewing Posts Spring 2018.  Here are a few of the crewing opportunities that members have posted on the Lovesail site this Spring.  If you are interested in any of the post then just log into your account and click on the crewing section for more details.  If  you are not a member of Lovesail then why not join our friendly sailing community?  It’s easy to join and we have different memberships to suit individual needs.

Off to Vanuatu

The South Pacific Cruising Season is finally here.  I’m leaving Sydney for New Caledonia in my 48ft cat, first weather window in May.  Have crew for the passage but none from the start of June.  This looks to be the spot to put up a request to see who that is out there, who would enhance my journey by having them on-board as crew.

I fell in love with Vanuatu last season, so that will be where I will be spending most of this season, in the remote islands. The villages have no TV, internet, smart phones and minimal phone reception, we are their reality TV. Vanuatu was labelled the friendlies place in the world a few years ago, for good reason.

If a weather window of westerlies or southerlies presents itself, I’ll take the boat back to Fiji, to catch up with all the great people I met there last year. If it doesn’t, I won’t.  Where too after November is still evolving, in my head. Micronesia and Palau is too the north, but a number of people have been raving about Fiordland on the west coast of the southern main Island of New Zealand.

I have worked out the hard way that it is rare couple that can maintain a relationship while cruising, so I’m not looking for a relationship, but rather a good friendship that develops over time. The boat is big enough to maintain your and my privacy.  The logistics of getting crew on-board for short periods of time is difficult. I end up getting stuck in marinas for a week or two, because I cannot assume there will be a favourable weather window, just prior to you coming or going. So minimum time is 6weeks.  I have found the boat works best with a female crew. If there are rain squalls about I need to be focused on managing the boat, and it is lovely to have someone else, focused on the galley at those times. I love provisioning in the local markets and cooking too much, to delegate all of those tasks.  The person I am looking for, after reading the above would be saying to themselves, this a dream opportunity, how do I make this happen, not can I fit this in around my vacation leave. It has taken me years of working and planning to get to this point, now it is time to continue the enjoyment of the journey.

Sailing the Turkish coast from Marmaris

Planning to arrive Marmaris around 21st May, get my boat (41ft Beneteau Oceanis) rigged and then enjoy around 2 weeks sailing along the Turkish coast. Very easy sailing with frequent stops for swimming, sight-seeing, meals ashore etc. Anyone want to join me?

From NW of Scotland to the South

My boat is in Oban and my intention is to left the marina around 9th May
I wish to sail to Castel bay with 2-3 stops after which I will heading to south.

I will sail in legs, first one I wish to finish in Dublin around 20th May.

The end of passage will be in Canaries.

My boat is an old lady, Hallberg Rassy 35 very well equipped for long passage, I crossed the Atlantic twice.

She could accommodate four but I prefer, for comfort matter, to be two or three on board.


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Crewing Opportunities February 2018

Crewing Opportunities February 2018

Here are just some of the crewing opportunities February 2018 from the Lovesail members.  If you are interested in any then just log into your account and visit the crewing group link.  If you are not a member of Lovesail, then why not take a look.

Baltic Antics

Planning a shakedown sail from the Netherlands to the Baltic and back calling along the way to anywhere that takes the fancy with an overall time schedule of 6 – 10 weeks starting late March early April. The boat is a Fisher 46 heated and with the Wheelhouse it should be warm a cozy whilst looking at amazing places. I have found an experienced Baltic captain and I am there as Skipper owner seeking a pair of good hands.


Crew available for Round Ireland Race and Cork Week

A group set up to put people in contact with these events. I am keen to do these events so if there are any spots available please contact me. Thanks.


Spain to Gibraltar & Canary Islands

Trip 1
Departing Sant Carles de la Rapita, Catalunya, 1st/2nd March towards Gibraltar, via various anchorages, hopefully to include Formentera or Minorca.  Duration 14 days including a 2 day stop over in Gibraltar or La Linea (which is just the other side of the Gibraltar runway).
Trip 2
Departing Gibraltar 14th March towards Gran Canaria via Porto Santos or Madeira, possibly Lanzarote Graciosa or Arrecife.  Duration 14 days.
All crew to be aboard 1 day prior to departure
You should be at least competent crew, capable of standing watch,
and most importantly integrating and getting on with other crew
Other Skills, cooking, navigating & a sense of humour , etc., a bonus.
Shared costs of €25 per day per person, whilst staying on board.
Please provide recommendations from previous skippers
You must be willing to share a cabin. There are 2 heads and 2 showers
Is your time flexible? Please make no return flight commitments prior to arrival at destination as this may change as final destination cannot be guaranteed
You must demonstrate means of being repatriated and submit copy of medical insurance and travel insurance, to include ocean sailing
Recommendations bring personal iPhone players and headphones and a sleeping bag liner. we have sleeping bags and towels. Please bring a torch, headlamps are best.
Sorry no smokers please and no alcohol apart from that distributed by the captain which would normally be a glass of wine with dinner and the odd beer. If the cruise is of interest to you please get back to me with further reasons that you would like to join us and your availability .
Normally we will be at anchor at the various stopping points and not put into marinas unless there is a need. Perhaps Gibraltar (or La Linea) might be an exception.

crewing opportunities february 2018

Danish Baltic Harbours

I have a Moody 37 – 2 cabins plus Saloon AND 2 heads! – currently ashore in Fehmarn. Intend re-launch May With idea of sailing around Danish Baltic harbours and Islands. World be delighted to have Crew for week or weekend or even day to start with.


lovesail sailing datingVisit to find a community of sailing enthusiasts for dating, friendships and crewing opportunities.


January Crewing Posts 2018

January Crewing Posts 2018

A run down of the January crewing posts 2018 from the Lovesail members.  For more details visit the crewing section of the Lovesail site.

Ionian to Gibraltar

I am looking for crew to sail my yacht from Rocella Jonica in southern Italy to Gibraltar in May 2018.
The trip will be more delivery orientated rather than cruising, so just a couple of planned stops. Route-Sicily, Sardinia, Balearics, Southern Spain coast.

Crew Available

I have found myself in Florida with a month or two to sail. If anyone needs crew or know someone who’s heading down to the Keys or the Bahamas, or Beyond I have got some time and would love to share an adventure! Let me know, I can be ready anytime.

Ceuta to Palma de Mallorca

From the 17th of March i need Crew from Ceuta Spain to Palma de Mallorca
10 days from Ceuta to Alicante
10 days from Alicante to Palma

France to Turkey April-May 2018

I am looking for a female crew member to help me sail my new Jeanneau 44DS from Port Leucate in France to Kas in Turkey beginning early April 2018 and aiming to arrive end of May. Stopping at Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Malta, Italy and various Greek islands on way. Looking for a friend and first mate aged 45-57. You will have your own cabin and heads/shower. I will have friends joining from time to time for parts of the trip so there will often be a mixed crew.

California to Cabo San Lucas

Looking for crew for a roundtrip trip to Cabo San Lucas – San Diego, February 1st. 2018 on my Hunter 49. If you’re a positive and happy person and interested in joining the crew, let me know and we can chat on Skype or FaceTime beforehand. Some sailing experience required.
january crewing posts 2018
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Winter Crewing Posts 2017

Winter Crewing Posts 2017

Here is a round up of some of the Winter crewing posts 2017 from Lovesail members.  If you would like to muster more details just log into your Lovesail account and visit the crewing section.  If you are not a member of Lovesail yet then come and have a look at the site, it might just be what you are looking for.

SV Chantecler- Cape Town Sailing

I am looking for crew to sail back from Port Owen or Saldanha Bay to Cape Town from Dec 8 – 10
check out details on the website Cape Town Sailing.
The trip up on the 1 – 3 Dec is fully booked but have places for the return journey the following week.

Caribbean 2018 – January to March Windward…..

Leave St. Croix early January and return in early March. Hope to make it to Trinidad with stops along the way.
Looking for good dive locations.
Looking for casual, competent, and laid back crew with good chemistry.

Uk to Portugal

I’m based on the East Coast of England. I’m looking for someone who might like to sail on the East Coast early next year, with a view to sailing down to Portugal later in the year. My boat is a Vagabond 41 ketch. An exceptional blue water boat in which I have sailed many miles.

Channel Islands California

Doing sea trials to the Channel Islands next few months in preparation for circumnavigation. Company would be fun and no experience necessary.

Allegro: Sail in Solent

I’m just putting a 39 foot Bavaria in at Swanwick with a view to getting in some sailing over winter. Please let me know if you are interested in crewing.
First attempt at using this Crewing Group function so excuse if info is a bit short at this point.


Hi .. Looking for a female crew member to help me sail my Najad 49 from Lanzarote to Fuertaventura then onto Gran Canaria for the beginning of December start date is flexible, lots of fun on the way , if you Scuba Dive even better, may lead to further crewing opportunities as on a 5 year circumnavigation…


winter crewing posts 2017Lovesail is an global online dating site for sailing enthusiasts.  Members meet up for dating, sailing friendships and crewing trips.

Late Summer Crewing Posts 2017

Late Summer Crewing Posts 2017

Here are some of the late summer crewing posts that members have posted on the site.  If you would like more details on the crewing posts then just log into your Lovesail account and go to the crewing section.

Adventure Sailing the MED SEPT/OCT

I’m gonna be sailing in the Med and you can join.
September / October 2017
Looking for a fun adventure with adventurous but easy going company.
Expenses p/p p/day €100 shared cabin. (2 per cabin only)
or €175 for a private cabin.
All on board costs are included.
• All on shore costs and personal (food) preferences you take on board
• any insurance you require
• your own travel expenses to and from the boat.
• etc etc.. details follow.
Hop on or off whenever you want as the itinerary offers. It’s a one way sail.. But Greek islands take you to Athens by ferry from just a bout everywhere. We might head out though. haven’t decided. many options.
Start is in Greece. We’ll see where the wind takes us..
45 ft yacht – no more than 6 people on board at a time. that is including skipper and first mate.
Energetic release sessions on board available at extra cost.
if you want to join more details will become available as peeps commit to show up.
Payment for the trip, therefore, is up front.
You choose how many days you want to sail. minum 4 days max . Until we’re done? LOL

Norwegian coast and North Sea crossing

I am sailing south the Norwegian Coast with my Hallberg Rassy 38. Planning to cross the North Sea late August / September. Visit Shetland and Scotland before going back. Will end season in Denmark in October.


I will be sailing my Beneteau 375 from Gruissan, Narbonne, to the Costa Brava and crossing to Minorca. I expect to be away for the month of September. Two other boats are going, a German and French. We all like laying to anchor when possible . Part voyage if your time is short.

late summer crewing posts


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