Sailing Charities in the UK

A list of smaller sailing charities in the UK

sailing charities in the uk

With the New Year comes thoughts of resolutions and goals.  One of mine is to try some voluntary work this year.  Whilst I’m not an expert sailor I’m sure I can offer some skills and if nothing else I can make a mean cup of char.  Whilst looking for a suitable charity to approach I realised just how many sailing charities there are in the UK.  A quick search of google brings back 17.5 million results for sailing charities UK alone.  Many are small operations without famous figures heads or huge marketing budgets, so I thought it would be a lovely idea to raise awareness for some of the smaller operations out there that may not be on your radar.


Turn to Starboard

This charity, based in Falmouth, Cornwall helps retired and serving armed forces personnel and their families.  They use sail training to help support men and women who have been affected by military operations.  They offer a range of services from RYA courses to family sailing and competitive racing.  For more details take a look at their informative website Turn to Starboard.

Sail Boat Project

Not quite a charity but a community interest company, the Sail Boat Project is worth a mention.  Based in Chichester, Hampshire they provide learning activities based around sailing for marginalised people.  These skills can go on to improve confidence and build employability skills.  Something close to my heart is the dementia sails they offer for sufferers and their carers.  For more information on this and their other activities see Sail Boat Project.

The Cirdan Sailing Trust

This sailing trust aims to provide disadvantaged young people with the opportunity for self-development from the experience of living and working on large sailing boats.  Based around the south-east of the UK, Cirdan also works alongside the DofE award scheme and are an approved provider of residential voyages.  If you would like to find out more about the trust visit The Cirdan Sailing Trust.

East Anglian Sailing Trust

There is not a lot of detail on this charity but they provide regular sailing opportunities for adults and children with disabilities.  Based in Levington, Ipswich they are a registered RYA sailing school so they run RYA courses as well as cruising sessions.  Contact details for this trust can be found at East Anglian Sailing Trust.


This charity has two objectives, to provide sailing as well as other water-based respite days for cancer patients, their families and also anyone who have suffered a recent bereavement.   The charity also raises funds for cancer research and care.  For more details pop along to Sail4Cancer.


This charity helps people struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, depression and other issues that impact on a persons wellbeing.   They use sail training as well as other marine activities and evidence-based therapies so that both children and adults can gain support and find inner stability.  Based in Falmouth, Cornwall, Sea Sanctuary is the first marine mental health service to be backed by the NHS.  If you would like to find out more about their work head over to Sea Sanctuary.

Visually Impaired Sailing Association of GB

This great organisation is run by blind and visually impaired members operating in a not-for-profit way.  The name of the game is empowerment with members being encouraged to become integral members of the crew.  A sighted skipper is on board to help out when needed. They run sailing programs all over the country from Scotland to the Solent and are planning a warm-weather cruise for 2020 following the success of the Majorca trip last year.  For more details visit their website VISA-GB.

The 2-Minute Foundation

Although this doesn’t strictly come under sailing charities in the UK, they do a wonderful job encouraging beach cleans around the UK and thus keeping plastic and waste out of the oceans.  To find out how to join in visit their wonderful website at 2Minute Beach Clean.



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