crewing posts spring 2022

Lovesail Crewing Posts Spring 2022

Lovesail Crewing Posts Spring 2022 – Crew Wanted

Here are just some of the fantastic Lovesail crewing posts Spring 2022 posted recently.  For more details and more crewing opportunities log into your Lovesail account and go to the Crewing and Sailing Events Section.  If you are not a member of Lovesail yet then join today to meet other like-minded singles passionate about sailing.


Crew Wanted in the Bahamas

Lovesail Member: esearyder
Dates: Feb 26 2022 for a few months
Crew Wanted
Location: Bahamas
Looking for crew to sail around the Bahamas for a few months. Pay your own expenses and share gas and fuel. No liveaboard charges. Just need a positive attitude and be able to respect the rules of the vessel. Being wear a life vest when underway and no drinking while underway. Message me if interested.


Cork Week

Lovesail Member: bod
Dates: Jul 11-15, 2022
Crew Wanted
Location: Cork Ireland
Cork Week Regatta. Looking for crew to do Cork Week Regatta. Date: 11th – 15 July and delivery of boat from Arklow to Cork before and Cork back to Arklow afterwards. Costs split between crew. Boat: SO42i.


Sailing the Aegean in 2022

Lovesail Member: captaina
May 16, 2022 at 10:10 PM
Crew Wanted
Location: Aegean, Greece
Everything is subject to COVID, of course! Nevertheless, My crews and I did 12 weeks in both 2020 and 2021, so I’m confident all this will happen! My yacht is perfectly maintained and blisteringly fast. We will sail in the Aegean, Dodecanese and Cyclades, doing day sails, hopping between islands. If you want endless days at sea, I’m not for you! I far prefer to stop each afternoon/evening to go ashore to explore and/or have dinner in a restaurant or sit at anchor, having a swim, bbq and some beer and wine and good conversation. I care only a bit about qualifications, but I can teach beginners to sail…what is far more important to me is common sense, team-working, humour and good conversation.


Antigua, boat charter share

Lovesail Member: Ally543
Dates: Apr 16-23, 2022
Crew Wanted
Location: Antigua
Looking for novice/competent crew to share a boat charter in Antigua 16-23 – 1 week on Jeanneau 42, split cost. It will be approx 1200 USD per person, less if u share a cabin Send me a message if u wanna come sail and snorkel in Antigua and Barbuda.


Greece, Corfu, Gouvia, 1-15 October 2022, Dufour 41, places available.

Lovesail Member: flushing
Dates: Oct 1-15, 2022 at 12:00 PM
Crew Wanted
Location: Ionian Seas off and around Corfu
1-15 October 2022 Well equipped and prepared charter yacht, Dufour 41, 3 Cabins, 8 places. The boat is booked and I have one definite crew signed up. Looking to create a cheerful and happy fortnight with a mixed crew. Please be assured that experienced Skipper credentials are excellent, applicants for Day Skipper equivalent 1st Mate welcome, but I will cover that another way if needs be.

Without being too careful, this is run as an economic charter and should be in the region of £400 – £500 per person, with six people aboard, 3×2 for the two weeks. To include the yacht, and self-catering most of the time and certainly for breakfast and picnic lunches. This does not cover beers/wines, this is not a dry boat but it is usually a sensible boat. Not sure how best to describe that part of the equation. Actual food costs come from a shared outlook and catering arrangements, via a kitty. Bedding and linens included. Restaurant meals are part of the fun, but outside the kitty and shared costs. We are not averse to dining onboard and seeking out the sweet course in town. On prior trips, we shop locally and fruit, salads and vegetables are plentiful, fish can be expensive but worth it fresh from the harbourside. Fuel is one unknown and we share the costs, but all agree if we choose to use the motor to achieve destinations. There are loads to see and do without chugging on the engine for hours if the winds are light.

A typical day is to get going as early as needed to catch morning breezes, anchor for a lunchtime swim and eat, then move on with late afternoon breeze to chosen bay, town, quay. I have a two-week typical itinerary covering about 250 Nm on request. This will be my third Ionian charter in the same waters, I love them. You need to sort your own flights out and I am on an EasyJet flight from Gatwick EZY8751, with the other crew lady. All are welcome to get in touch, ask questions, and I can keep you posted as and when any crew base takes shape. Something to look forward to.

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