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Sailing Gift Ideas

With Christmas on the horizon, we thought it would be a nice idea to share some sailing gift ideas for the sailing enthusiast. We haven’t added any links because our sailors on our site are located in different corners of the globe as might you be.  Having a gift idea is half the battle though, so all you have to do is google the idea you like and find the gift most personal for your partner, relative or friend.

  • Boating logbook/journal – A boating logbook/journal is the perfect gift on a budget for your sailing companion to keep track of miles and review all their sailing adventures.
  • Sailing gloves – A new pair of sailing gloves can never go a miss, particularly as the cold weather
    draws in (if you’re our side of the world that is).
  • Portable waterproof speaker – For those with a slightly bigger budget, a waterproof speaker is handy for any excursion on or off the boat.

bluetooth speaker

  • A sailing travel guide – Has your companion mentioned where they’d like to set sail next? A travel guide for their country of choice could be a great idea. If not a book on the best sailing destinations in the world could spark some inspiration!
  • Waterproof sailing shoes – Another idea potentially for a larger budget.  You can never have too many waterproof sailing shoes.
  • Galley-friendly cookbook – Could they do with some help in the galley? Maybe they are a culinary expert
    already or a total beginner, a galley-friendly cookbook could be a fantastic idea.
  • Floating sunglasses strap – If they haven’t lost a pair of sunnies to the ocean yet, they’re doing better than us!
  • Hammock – On deck or ashore, a hammock provides the perfect place to curl up with a book or
    to take a well-deserved nap after a ‘hard’ days sailing.
  • Subscription to ‘Good Old Boat‘ Magazine (other magazines are also available) – Full of tips, tricks and stories to provide inspiration and spark their DIY ingenuity
  • Non-tipping cup holder – I mean, it might not be the most exciting present of all but it’s certainly practical!

non tipping cup holder

  • Knot tying kit – A perfect budget gift for a newbie sailor to learn the essentials.
  • Marine binoculars – Another idea for a bigger budget. We’d recommend a pair with a rangefinder and compass. Give your companion a fighting chance of spotting those sirens!
  • Guest book – A thoughtful gift to allow all visitors who hop aboard a chance to write a short passage about their visit. This will give your companion the perfect way to reminisce on all their sailing adventures and the wonderful folk they met along the way!
  • Exercise Equipment – Not for the hardcore racers necessarily but a pair of dumbbells or exercise bands may help the liveaboard cruiser to keep fit.
  • Puzzles/games – Because what else is there to do at sea sometimes without the joys of TV and WIFI (kidding) but a puzzle/pub quiz book or game can make for an unforgettable night.
  • Microfibre towel – Less exciting, but it can be really handy!
  • An inflatable solar lantern – There are lots of options out there, we love our Luci Pro because it’s a phone charger as well.

luci pro

  • An audible subscription – Sometimes there is nothing better than a good old book but we do enjoy playing an audiobook through the speaker when we’re in the galley or saloon and have had enough of George Michael!
  • Disposable camera – Ok, we know we can’t beat mobile/cellphone cameras these days but there is something lovely about the feeling you get waiting to see those moments you captured on your last adventure. Trust us on this one.
  • This last idea came from a friend who recently went on an Antarctic cruise.  A carabiner clip watch.  It can be clipped to clothes, bags, belts and some even come with a compass!  Much easy to see than a wristwatch on a cold wet day when you are all togged up.

christmas gift ideas

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