gardening on a boat

Gardening on a Boat

What to Consider Before You Start.

Gardening and boat are not two words you expect to see together, but with many sailors leaving the rat race behind and choosing to live aboard, self-sufficiency is the buzzword for this community.

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Boats For Sale on Lovesail

Boats For Sale on Lovesail – Classified Section

We have a few boats for sale posted by our Lovesail members in the classified section.  Here are a few that have been listed recently.

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Valentine’s Day traditions

Unusual Valentine’s Day traditions from around the world

Many countries celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Whilst in the UK we tend to buy cards, flowers and chocolates for our Valentines, other countries have other Valentine’s Day traditions to show their love to their Valentine.

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Unusual Nautical Terms

Unusual Nautical Terms Onboard a Boat or Ship

Here are some of the more unusual nautical terms used aboard a seafaring vessel.


A baggywrinkle is a material, often old or scrap rope, that is used to wrap around parts of the rigging or mooring lines to prevent chaffing. 

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crewing opportunities winter 2020

Crewing Opportunities – Winter 2020

Crewing Opportunities Winter 2020 – Here are a few of our top picks from the crewing section on Lovesail.  If you are interested in any of the posts then log into your Lovesail account and either go to the crewing section or contact the member directly.

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carbon monoxide awareness week

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week

CO Awareness Week Monday 22nd to Sunday 28th November 2021

This week sees Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week in the UK, but it’s a timely reminder wherever you are of the dangers of carbon monoxide and why you should be aware of it in confined spaces like a boat.

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The Challenger Deep

marina trench
The Deepest Ocean Area – The Challenger Deep

“…we have better maps of the surface of Mars and the moon than we do the bottom of the ocean. We know very, very little about most of the ocean.” Gene Feldman.

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