Lovesail Crewing Posts July 2018

Lovesail Crewing Posts July 2018

Here are a few of the Lovesail Crewing Posts July 2018.  To contact the member just log into your account and go to the crewing section of the site.  If you are not a member yet then join our sailing community for dating, friendships and crewing opportunities all around the world.  We have different memberships to offer including a lifetime membership.


In the UK for the summer updating nursing in London … miss the sea … can sail up to 4 days at a time …UK or anywhere close flight wise. Thanks


Alaska Inside Passage

I am wanting to sail the inside passage…anywhere in there for several years over the spring, summer and autumn months. I have a 5-year visa for the USA but live in Tasmania Australia. If you would love to have me on board as a cook and handy person, general duties but good at fixing, mending and relaxation massage, photography and art of all kinds, please give me a cooeeeee! I would love to return the pleasure to sail around Tasmania with you and /or land drive you to all important amazing places. Teach you to say, Goodah Mate! Aussie Aussie Aussie!


Offshore passage RI > FL

Hi everyone, I’m looking for experienced crew to help me sail my 43′ Passport from Narragansett Bay to St. Augustine in October. I already have one crew but I have room for one more. As exact dates will be weather dependent, please don’t contact me if you need to sail to schedule.


Transatlantic Tenerife to Antigua via Cape Verde

Leg 1. Departing Tenerife 17 September, visit La Gomera & La Hierro

Depart La Hierro towards Sal Cap Verdes 1st October

Cruise cap Verdes Senegal and Gambia

Leg 2 Depart Cap Verdes 1st December towards Antigua

Seeking easy going, like-minded folk who can fit in and enjoy the voyage and destinations.

Applicants should be ready to pitch in with all boating chores + cooking etc and take full advantage to practice boat handling and navigation.


All crew members should be able to stand watch, understand basic navigation and be involved in all aspects of boating life and looking after ourselves

Crews are welcome to leave/join in Cap Verdes but obviously this will depend on available paces

All applicants must provide 3 referees with contact details from previous skippers whom I may contact to confirm suitability

Re shared contributions, it is envisaged to be 25 Euros per day


lovesail crewing posts july 2018

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Lovesail Crewing Posts Summer 2016

Here are a few of the summer crewing posts from members of Lovesail.  If you are interested in any of the posts then just log into your Lovesail account and click the Crewing Posts link for more details.

Summer in Spain

I’ll be cruising this summer on my 11m yacht. Starting from Gibraltar, I’ll skip along Spain to the Balearic Islands, which I know well and may head further East.
After a year in the UK, I’m going to have a very relaxed, sun-soaked sail!
If you’re interested, get in touch.


Looking for 2 crew to sail to Brazil, and further south, September onwards.
Might be for some legs only, we plan to make a smooth passage from Spain, Canarias, Cape Verde, Fernando de Noronha, Salvador…
1000 US$ per person for the whole trip.

Winter on the Bahamas

I will sail from South Florida to The Bahamas in November or December 2016 and will stay there until End of April/May 2017.
My boat is a 39′ Catamaran, Prout Escale. You have your own bunk/berth and bathroom.
The boat is pretty independent, Solar and Watermaker are installed. I avoid Marinas!
If interested please drop me a message.

Bristol Channel & Beyond

Trying to create a local “crewing pool” for yacht sailing activities around the Bristol Channel mainly sailing from Portishead for racing and crushing opportunities. Opportunities vary from a few hours sailing after work on short races, to weekends away around the channel to longer trips to Scillies, Ireland, South Coast France and beyond.
Competency levels from absolute beginners to seasoned sailors.

East Coast 30/31 July 2016

Amid the backdrop of very attractive sailing on offer in the crewing section, I can offer an easy to get to. For you, if you live near or can reach the Medway Towns. This is a passage event from our base on the River Medway to the far side of Sheppey and then back over the weekend. In company with several other boats, we try to organise gorgeous weather and a decent sail. Happy to answer any questions, and later in August hoping to organise a cross-channel trip as I have promised one crew the option, still room for a couple more. Thank you

lovesail crewing posts summer 2016 is a global online dating and friendship site for sailing enthusiasts.  Many of the members will post non-professional crewing opportunities for other members.  This is a chance for members to get to know one another and build friendships or maybe more.  If you are interested in any of the Lovesail Crewing Posts Summer 2016 then why not join our friendly community.

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Lovesail Crewing Posts

Lovesail Crewing Posts – Some of the Latest Posts

Just a few of the recent Lovesail crewing posts in our crewing section, both members looking for crewing posts or crewing posts offered.  If you would like any more details about any of these Lovesail crewing posts then log into your Lovesail account and click on the crewing link at the top of the page.  If you are not a member of Lovesail yet then come aboard!

Available Yachtmaster

I am a Dutch Yachtmaster offshore and have time from November to April 2015 as a crew member. I would like to be able to make an Atlantic crossing this year before I will go with my own yacht next year. I have engineering skills and are an expert on boat-electronics and IT related matters as well as general handy skills with engines and other boat related matters.

Competent Crew

I have helped deliver boats up and down the Eastern Seaboard, the entire length of the Bahamian chain and to the DR. Available for 1 to 2 weeks at a time for delivery and/or cruising hops.

World Adventure

hello everyone,
have my new yacht and looking for cool people to join me sailing and enjoying the good life out on the water.
will be heading south toward Panama in late March to start my around the world journey.
the yacht is a 58ft Alden Boothbay Explorer, ketch rig.
she has large water and fuel tanks which will allow as to cruise places most people can’t get to.
will have scuba tanks for 6 and a compressor to refill wherever we may be.
the yacht is well built and has beautiful classic lines, she will take us around the world in comfort and style and be the talk of the marina
if you are interested in part or the whole journey please feel free to contact me about more of the details.

Looking for warm weather sailing opportunity

Hallo prospective boat owners/skippers – After some pretty brilliant sailing this year in English and Scottish waters I am now looking further afield to try and avoid winter! Available from November onwards anywhere in the Caribbean/Bahamas/Mexico would be nice but yet to discover The Grenadines. Will pay my share of the trip but staying in marinas every night is not within my budget and I prefer anchoring where possible. I am not a passenger crew and wish to be completely involved with all aspects of cruising/sailing. I love life aboard/afloat and am at my happiest when on, in or under the water! Team player, fun, talker when required, quiet when required! Social drinker, non-smoker, love fish …… what more could you ask for I am your perfect crew!

Lovesail is an online dating and social networking site for sailing enthusiasts.  Join us if you are looking for friends, crew or your sailing soul mate.

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