Crewing Posts Autumn 2018

Crewing Posts Autumn 2018

Here are just some of the crewing posts that Lovesail members have posted, crewing posts Autumn 2018  If you are interested in the post just log into your Lovesail account and visit the Crewing Groups Section.  If you are not a member of Lovesail yet then why not take a look.


Sailing South – Maine to Bahamas

LeComte Fastnet 45′ yawl well outfitted for offshore sailing. Have 7,500+ miles experience. Looking 1 or 2 crew for passage(s). Likely sail from Maine to Beaufort, NC and then from Beaufort to Bahamas. Must be OK with cat as she is my First Mate.


Portugal-Madeira- GC – possible circumnavigation

Looking for crew member for my circumnavigation . Since I am seeking on female crew. You would like to / love to sail on my beautiful HR 38. But its important to feel good so why don’t try a shorter leg first. Leaving Algarve coast in Portugal about 18 October heading for Madeira. Send me a message and we can chat more about it. Skipper/owner is from Norway


Colombia and the San Blas Panama

I am currently looking for crew to sails from the Colon, Panama to Cartagena, Colombia, the San Blas Island in Panama and onward to the Bocas de Toro in Panama. Looking at leaving towards the end of October, 2018. Expected duration about 6 to 8 weeks. Possible option to continue sailing further north up to Belize and other points north.


Columbia River 1-5 day outings

Make new friends with other sailors in this area. Play in gentle waters around Portland/Vancouver and short trips out of Astoria.


San Diego to the Sea of Cortez

I own a beautiful Hunter 49, fully equipped sailing yacht (generator, sat phone, water maker, washer and dryer, etc). I am looking for crew members for a three month sail from San Diego to the Sea of Cortez mid October, 2018. I have dive tanks and two sets of scuba gear on board (large and medium size). Sailing experience is not a requirement but a plus. Ports of call: San Diego, Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, Loreto and Rocky Point. I’m looking forward to hear from you.


Alaska Inside Passage

I am wanting to sail the inside passage anywhere in there for several years over the spring, summer and autumn months. I have a 5 year visa for USA but live in Tasmania Australia. If you would love to have me on board as cook and handy person, general duties but good at fixing, mending and relaxation massage, photography and art of all kinds, please give me a cooeeeee! I woild love to return the pleasure to sail around Tasmania with you and /or land drive you to all important amazing places. Teach you to say, Goodah Mate! Aussie Aussie Aussie!

crewing posts autumn 2018

Picture Credit: SailorVolante

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Lovesail on Instagram

Lovesail Instagram

Did you know that Lovesail is on Instagram (@lovesaildating)?  I know, I know, how many more social media accounts do we need to have these days?  If you haven’t ventured onto Instagram yet then do, it really is one of the better ones (even if it is owned by Facebook!).

We do have a Facebook Account (Love Sail Social Network And Online Dating) and a Twitter Account (@lovesail).  As a business owner, we have to engage with these two if we want to climb up the search engines and be noticed, however, many of us would rather be getting on with the day to day running of the business.  It is frustrating that as a business we have to engage in order to survive (more social engagement, more Google points, more steps up the search engine ladder).

There are many articles about the destructive side of social media.   I’m currently looking at ways in which to decrease the number of posts on some social media channels and increase other ways of engaging people, ideally whilst supporting small businesses at the same time.  When I do use social media my aim is to make engagements positive, supportive, educational and/or uplifting.

Instagram is one social media channel I do like and will continue to use.  Why?  Well, it’s quick, easy and just flicking through the many wonderful images can’t fail to brighten your day.  And as the Chinese expression says “Hearing something a hundred times isn’t better than seeing it once”.

Here are just a few of the photos we have posted on Instagram, and all of them have been taken with a mobile phone!

lovesail instagram

CalaPi, Mallorca

lovesail instagram

Jolly Harbour, Antigua

lovesail sailing dating is a dating and social networking site with a difference.  We are purely for sailing enthusiasts.  Join our sailing community to meet other like-minded sailing soulmates.


Sailing Dating Tips

Sailing Dating Tips for Lovesail Members

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Dating a sailing enthusiast can be both exciting, fun and even life-changing.  Here are a few sailing dating tips for Lovesail members new to dating or just a bit rusty:

  1. ALWAYS keep your personal details to yourself.  We do not advise handing over your personal address, email address, facebook details, place of work or mobile number unless you are very sure about the person or have met them first. Be very wary of someone who sends you their contact details on the very first contact.  You can talk to them via the secure messaging facility on the site for as long as you like and until you are ready to meet.  Do not feel pressured to hand over your details.
  2. ALWAYS let a friend know where you are going and who you are meeting when going on a first or subsequent date.  They can then check with you as to your whereabouts if needs be.
  3. TAKE a mobile phone with you on the date and make sure it’s fully charged.
  4. ALWAYS meet somewhere public and busy on a first date. Cafes, pubs, museums and galleries are all good examples of places to meet.  We would not advocate inviting someone you haven’t met to your own home or boat.
  5. KEEP your drink with you at all times and try not to become too intoxicated during the date.
  6. If you are invited to go sailing meet at least once, for a coffee perhaps, in a mutually convenient venue. Ideally, try to meet several more times before committing to a sailing trip. If you are going out sailing try to take a friend or group of friends with you.  There should be space and extra crew should be welcome.
  7. ASK your date if they have friends on the site that can vouch for them or have been sailing with them before.
  8. ALWAYS arrange your own transport to the date, especially if you are travelling abroad to meet someone new. Have enough funds and a contingency plan to get back under your own steam in case things do not turn out as expected.
  9. PLEASE REMEMBER members on Lovesail are sailing enthusiasts. If they invite you sailing then expect to help with crewing. It doesn’t matter if you are novice just make this clear before you meet and find out what is expected of you. Sailing is not an excuse for a cheap/free holiday, you will be expected to pull your weight and also contribute to costs. Make sure you discuss this with your date before meeting.
  10. LEAVE if you begin to feel uncomfortable.  Do not feel embarrassed or guilty about leaving, your safety is paramount.  It’s ok to make an excuse and leave whenever you want.
  11. UNDER NO circumstances should you ever send money to someone you’ve met on a dating site or social network.
  12. Report any members to Admin if you feel they are not genuine or have acted in a way that you feel is inappropriate. We can and will delete them!

What is a Scammer?

Whilst Scammers are extremely rare, on the Lovesail site we manually check profiles to filter them out, it is worth mentioning, after all, forewarned is forearmed.  Scammers are men or women pretending to be someone they are not.  They will seemingly fall head over heels in love with you, or they have some terrible story of woe and they prey on your sympathy in order to persuade you to send them some money.

Dealing with Scammers

Be very wary of people who send you their contact details on their first contact with you or add the details to their profile. Also, be very wary of giving them your contact details. If they are genuine then they won’t mind talking through the site’s private message facility. The message facility works exceptionally well and should be trusted.  If a member tells you anything to the contrary then direct them to me.  You could also ask them a few sailing questions.  If they are not genuine then they will have trouble holding a conversation about boats or sailing.

Trust Your Gut

Lastly for the sailing dating tips, when you meet someone face-to-face, your instincts will tell you if something’s doesn’t seem quite right. This is true of online contact too. They might not tell you much about themselves but ask you loads of questions, or maybe they declared undying love to you even before you’ve met.  If it feels strange in any way, chances are something’s not what it seems. Trust your instincts and tread carefully until you have got to know them a bit better.   If you’re not sure, share your thoughts with a trusted friend to get some advice from us. is a global dating and social networking site for sailing enthusiasts.  Join us today to meet like-minded sailing soul mates.

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Singles Sailing Charters in the Grenadines

Singles Sailing Charters in the Grenadines

Sanctuary Yacht Charters September for Singles Sailing Charters

Singles Welcome! Take the wheel of our Island Spirit 37 Catamaran as we enjoy the moderate trade winds during September and travel from St. Vincent and the Grenadines to Grenada. Currently offering weekly or longer charters on a per cabin—single or double occupancy—basis, for as low as $135US/person/night.  Here is your chance to sail a four-cabin/two head catamaran, with all the modern conveniences you would expect of a luxury catamaran, at a fraction of the private charter cost.  So why not hang out with like-minded singles on an exciting singles sailing charters adventure in the Caribbean.

Sanctuary is an experienced singles sailing charters yacht that will introduce you to the beautiful Tobago Cays, Mayreau, Mustique, Bequia and other romantic Caribbean islands in water so blue you can’t wait to jump in and snorkel with the turtles and tropical fish!  Let us know which one of the two-week sections between September 12-29, 2014 you would be interested in.  Depending on your feedback regarding flight schedules, we can pick up and drop off out of St. Vincent the first week and/or South Grenada later in the month.

Want more offshore sailing? Then meet us in Dominica in early September and sail the channels to Martinique, St. Lucia and St. Vincent. Or come along for the return trip in early October from St. Vincent to St. Lucia to Martinique to Dominica…or any part thereof!

If you would like more information about these singles sailing charters then visit Ocean Breeze Tours.  Alternatively, you can email Captain Mark or telephone him on 767 295 1323 in Dominica.


singles sailing charters in the grenadines

CaptainMark is a member of  If you are a member of Lovesail and have a sailing related article you would like to include on the blog, or a sailing business you would like to promote on the blog, then just contact Erica via the Contact Page of the site for more details.

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The Longest Honeymoon Update

The Longest Honeymoon Update – Ian and Wendy News

Last we heard of Ian and Wendy they were getting ready to leave Las Palmas for the ARC Race.  Here is the latest longest honeymoon update of their progress so far….

Well a belated Happy New Year to all of you.

Sorry that we have not been the most commutative in the last month but we have been busy crossing a big pond. Not the Atlantic Trade Wind sailing we all dreamed of but a mixture of calms, 8/9’s very lumpy seas. We had to go south of Cape Verdes to try and catch some wind so the magic 25N 25W and turn right was never achieved.

The boat handled beautifully and we where always very happy and felt very safe onboard. Caught lots of fish so we also ate very well.

On arrival in St Lucia our problems started and have kept us preoccupied since then. Shore side electrics blew out all our onboard electrics including fridge and charger. We also have an ongoing issue with the fuel injector pump that we replaced in Las Palmas. The engine happily surges on its own to 4500rpm, bit difficult when it happens approaching the berth in Rodney Bay at 9Knt. Things like this make you concentrate very hard. No damage due to fine skippering but adrenaline levels were very high.

Wendy and I are now alone on the boat after crew and mother left on 31st December. Chance to rest, relax and get the boat clean again. Can’t believe what 3 weeks at sea and very salty water can do to your boat.

Anyway I’ll stop rambling and wish you all the very best in 2014 and we look forward to catching up with you all sometime in the future.
Lots of love and fond memories

Ian, Wendy and Bumble

longest honeymoon update

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