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Crewing Posts Autumn 2018

crewing posts autumn 2018

Crewing Posts Autumn 2018 Here are just some of the crewing posts that Lovesail members have posted for the Autumn.  If you are interested in the post just log into your Lovesail account and visit the Crewing Groups Section.  If

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Lovesail on Instagram

lovesail instagram

Lovesail Instagram Did you know that Lovesail is on Instagram (lovesaildating)?  I know, I know, how many more social media accounts do we need to have these days?  If you haven’t ventured onto Instagram yet then do, it really is

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Sailing Dating Tips

sailing dating tips

Sailing Dating Tips for Lovesail Members Dating a sailing enthusiast can be both exciting, fun and even life changing.  Here are a few sailing dating tips for Lovesail members new to dating or just a bit rusty: ALWAYS keep your

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Singles Sailing Charters in the Grenadines

singles sailing charters

Singles Sailing Charters in the Grenadines Sanctuary Yacht Charters September for Singles Sailing Charters Singles Welcome! Take the wheel of our Island Spirit 37 Catamaran as we enjoy the moderate trade winds during September and travel from St. Vincent and the

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The Longest Honeymoon Update

longest honeymoon update

The Longest Honeymoon Update – Ian and Wendy News Last we heard of Ian and Wendy they were getting ready to leave Las Palmas for the ARC Race.  Here is the latest longest honeymoon update of their progress so far….

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