The Longest Honeymoon Update

The Longest Honeymoon Update – Ian and Wendy News

Last we heard of Ian and Wendy they were getting ready to leave Las Palmas for the ARC Race.  Here is the latest longest honeymoon update of their progress so far…

Well, a belated Happy New Year to all of you.

Sorry that we have not been the most commutative in the last month but we have been busy crossing a big pond. Not the Atlantic Trade Wind sailing we all dreamed of but a mixture of calms, 8/9’s very lumpy seas. We had to go south of Cape Verdes to try and catch some wind so the magic 25N 25W and turn right was never achieved.

The boat handled beautifully and we were always very happy and felt very safe on board. Caught lots of fish so we also ate very well.

On arrival in St Lucia, our problems started and have kept us preoccupied since then. Shoreside electrics blew out all our onboard electrics including fridge and charger. We also have an ongoing issue with the fuel injector pump that we replaced in Las Palmas. The engine happily surges on its own to 4500rpm, bit difficult when it happens approaching the berth in Rodney Bay at 9Knt. Things like this make you concentrate very hard. No damage due to fine skippering but adrenaline levels were very high.

Wendy and I are now alone on the boat after crew and mother left on 31st December. Chance to rest, relax and get the boat clean again. Can’t believe what 3 weeks at sea and very salty water can do to your boat.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling and wish you all the very best in 2014 and we look forward to catching up with you all sometime in the future.
Lots of love and fond memories

Ian, Wendy and Bumble

longest honeymoon update

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