Lovesail Competition

Autumn has definitely arrived in the South of England so time for a competition.

I am looking out of my window over the front garden, the sky is blue and the sun is peeking over the rooftops.  It is time to clear up the leaves that are falling from the Hornbeam.  November has also seen the delivery of a Lovesail dog, Milo a 10-week old Dalmatian puppy.  He has run full pelt into our lives competitionand we are all totally smitten with him.  He has such a wonderful personality.  I’m not sure if he has any sea-legs yet, they do feel the cold apparently so this should be interesting.  I wonder if Musto makes dog coats?!  Maybe I should enter the competition.

I still have some 6-month packages to give away to the sailing club and charities for use as prizes.  Please contact me if you know a worthy cause.

Regular competition spot

I am going to start a regular competition spot (!) and this December I am giving away a years gold subscription to the site.  All you have to do is send in a maximum of 2 photos on the theme of “sailing and pets”.  Email them to the Lovesail site (contact details at the bottom of the home page)  with COMPETITION and your username in the subject bar.  I will post the photos on the blog gallery and then the most popular one will win. Please make sure they are your photos, and that you do not mind them appearing on the blog.  Please send in all photos by 11th December 2011 and the winner will be notified by 31st December 2011.  Membership will start on 1st January 2012 and there is no cash alternative.

Please keep checking the Lovesail blog we have some great guest blogs at the moment.  We will also be posting some from the ARC race which it due to start tomorrow.  Julian Kimberley one of the directors from GN Espace is taking part in the race on-board Casamara a Discovery 55.  He will be providing fresh meals made from fresh ingredients for the six hungry crew, throughout the duration of the crossing.  He wants to highlight that good healthy and nutritious food can be made onboard wherever you are sailing.  He will be writing a blog when he can and sending it via satellite to Lovesail.  We wish him a Bon Voyage and look forward to following his progress and reading about his adventures.

As always please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries, and feedback about the site is always welcome.  Dog training feedback would be especially useful too!!

Yours with sore ankles

Lovesail Admin

Image: Bolton’s Bench Nr Lyndhurst in the New Forest National Park, UK.   Reproduced here by Charlotte’s kind permission.