Autumn Crewing Posts 2017

Autumn Crewing Posts 2017

As the summer seasons draws to a close, there are some Autumn Crewing Posts 2017 from the members that might pique your interest.

Looking for experienced AMEL 54 crew member

I am finalizing the purchase of an AMEL 54 currently located in NEW CALEDONIA.
Looking for an experienced AMEL 54 crew member in the area to:
A. do a pre-survey inspection
B. join during the survey(s) & sea trial(s)
C. help prepare her for live aboard sailing as she has not been used for 1 year (but has been taken care of)
D. possibly available for sailing arnd NEW CAL.
This would start late December 2017 possibly (but unlikely) earlier.
Thank you.

Sydney to Melbourne

Presently looking for a crew to join me on a delivery trip NSW (Newport) to VIC (Geelong) Departing Sunday 8/10/17 on my newly acquired yacht. Some Passage making and Navigational watch experience desirable.

Autumn sailing, Brittany

I’ll be cruising around Brittany the last week September, first half of October if anyone fancies a sail during this time. Pretty relaxed day sailing with no fixed agenda on a well equipped 36′ Jeanneau, stopping in marinas most nights. Not too fussed about experience as long as you’re happy to be involved in sailing the boat.
Get in touch for details.

Northwest Passage

Currently Organizing 2 boats and crew to sail through the Canadian Arctic Northwest Passage.
Currently have a Hans Christian 43T Ketch and looking for another group and boat that would like to join this expedition.
Leaving from Denmark to Vancouver BC and Seattle, WA
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